BlackBerry Deutschland: Cooperation with Visteon for future-proof cyber security solutions


BlackBerry Germany, a leading provider of security software and services, and Visteon, a provider of automotive electronics, are expanding their collaboration. The goal is to advance the use of digital cockpit solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. It is clear that both companies are interested in future-proof cybersecurity solutions. The cooperation will focus on the next generation of digital telematics solutions, infotainment systems and instrument clusters for global automotive manufacturers.

BlackBerry Germany: provides QNX

The latest milestone in the collaboration between the two companies is set to last several years. As part of this, Visteon will focus on the development of next-generation digital consolidated cockpits with the support of QNX services as well as BlackBerry QNX software.

A joint success was celebrated back in October 2017. At that time, Visteon selected BlackBerry’s safety-certified QNX Platform for Instrument Clusters 1.0 software for a digital instrument cluster project.

Comprehensive support from Visteon

BlackBerry is making its comprehensive suite of QNX software available to Visteon for upcoming cockpit projects. This includes QNX OS for Safety, BlackBerry Jarvis, QNX Software Development Platform, QNX Black Channel Communications Technology, QNX Acoustic Middleware and QNX Hypervisor. In addition, BlackBerry will support the partner with solution validation, professional technical services for system-level integration and performance optimization.

Toward future-proof cybersecurity solutions

Bob Vallance, senior vice president, customer business groups and marketing at Visteon, explains, “As a leader in automotive electronics, Visteon’s hardware and software solutions support the industry trends of smart, digital cockpits and the connected car.” Further reiterating the collaboration, he said, “Our collaboration with BlackBerry QNX reflects our shared passion for innovation that helps our automotive customers stay ahead of the curve with future-proof cybersecurity solutions.”

Visteon’s SmartCore domain controller helps automotive manufacturers simplify the digital transformation of their cockpits, among other things. It does this with Android-based infotainment, connected applications, secure over-the-air updates, and digital instrument clusters. The goal is to create a premium, rich driving experience.

SmartCore technology driving growth

Adoption of Android-based operating systems is increasing in the global industry. This is accelerating the adoption of Visteon SmartCore technology by automakers in all regions. The Michigan-headquartered technology leader in automotive electronics already operates SmartCore businesses with ten automotive customers. It sees the technology as a key growth driver in the future.

BlackBerry: Commitment to the Industry

John Wall, SVP and Co-Head, BlackBerry Technology Solutions, reaffirms the collaboration, “We are pleased to further expand our relationship with Visteon as part of our commitment to provide innovative, safety-certified and reliable solutions to automotive manufacturers.” He further positions, “If software is the driving force of the automotive industry today, delivering compelling digital experiences to users has quickly become the new competitive differentiator for OEMs. With trusted partners like Visteon, we can help manufacturers stay at the forefront of an industry undergoing profound change.”

About BlackBerry Germany

BlackBerry Germany, based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, delivers intelligent security software and services to governments and enterprises around the world. The company secures more than 500 million endpoints, including more than 195 million vehicles. BlackBerry leverages machine learning as well as AI for innovative solutions in data privacy, cybersecurity and security. The vendor leads in key areas such as embedded systems, endpoint security and management, and encryption. Its vision: to provide people with a trusted, connected future.

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