BlackBerry QNX: business-critical embedded systems now in the cloud


Two well-known IT vendors are working closely together to enable businesses to run critical embedded systems in the cloud. BlackBerry QNX and AWS (Amazon Web Services) have worked closely to introduce enterprise-grade systems in the cloud. This allows developers of business-critical processes to use a cloud for the first time to speed up processes. Numerous companies are hoping that this will greatly accelerate the introduction of new products and offerings.

Advantages of BlackBerry QNX

BlackBerry QNX is a real-time operating system. It offers developers a particularly large number of options for designing processes or software of the most varied kinds. But that is by far not all. BlackBerry QNX can be combined particularly well with BlackBerry IVY. This is a modern data platform that is particularly suitable for applications in the field of artificial intelligence. Both systems are used in combination with AWS and are therefore available everywhere. The first major successes have already been achieved in the automotive industry.

BlackBerry QNX and AWS are suitable for many industries

These systems have already been used successfully in the development of vehicles. Therefore, extensive software products can also be realized in a fairly short time. To briefly illustrate, in modern vehicles, the software in the ECU consists of more than 100 million lines of source code. In other systems, such as in the aerospace industry, the source code is many times larger. The same is also true in the medical field as well as in the defense sector. The scale of a software does not matter in BlackBerry’s system running in AWS.

Since the development is carried out by several IT specialists, working in the cloud offers great advantages anyway. It no longer matters where each developer works. They can log into the cloud from any location and get their work done. But that is not the only advantage. BlackBerry QNX also offers numerous testing and control options, which are absolutely essential for the development of new software.

Initial experience already available

One of the first companies to use BlackBerry’s system is Marelli. This company comes from the automotive industry. According to the people responsible at Marelli, this solution from BlackBerry offers many economic advantages. By working in the cloud, the software that will later be used in vehicles can be developed much faster.

In addition, the software can be tested extensively in all areas without having to purchase expensive hardware first. Therefore, it can be concluded that a lot of time and costs can be saved by BlackBerry QNX in cooperation with AWS. There is even talk that this technology will create many more opportunities from which various industries can benefit in the long term.

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