Efficient Automation Systems for Beverage Industry Logistics and Production


Bluhm Systeme provides efficient systems for automating logistics and production processes in the beverage industry. By utilizing labeling technology, processes can be accelerated and errors minimized. Coding and labeling of glass bottles, barrels, PET bottles, metal cans, and beverage cartons can be done faster and more accurately.

Customizable Solutions for Beverage Industry Automation and Labeling

Bluhm Systems’ products offer a high level of customization to meet the specific requirements of the beverage industry. Their modular system allows for the combination of different components to ensure an optimal labeling process. Whether it’s high-resolution printing, large font printing, or labeling of round containers, Bluhm Systems provides the perfect solution.

Reliable and Precise Labeling Systems for High-Quality Beverage Industry

Bluhm Systeme offers reliable and precise labeling systems that meet the high quality requirements for code readability and removability in the beverage industry. Their products ensure clear and easily readable labeling, which can be easily removed when needed.

Efficient Automation Solutions for Beverage Producers at GLUG SWISS

The presentation of Bluhm Systeme’s current labeling systems at GLUG SWISS offers numerous advantages to beverage producers. These products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the beverage industry and enable efficient automation of production processes.

Bluhm Systeme offers tailored solutions for the identification of various beverage containers, such as glass bottles, barrels, PET bottles, cans, and beverage cartons. With their highly customizable systems, they ensure accurate code readability and easy removal of labels, meeting the high quality requirements of the beverage industry. With their committed team and new location in Däniken, Bluhm Systeme is well-positioned to meet the needs of the Swiss beverage industry.

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