Busch-flexTronics: Change to Smart Home in the course of the renovation


ABB is known for new technologies and solutions. Now ABB Stotz-Kontakt is once again showing clever ideas for the smart home: together with Busch-Jaeger, new products were presented at the “elektrotechnik” trade fair.

Busch-flexTronics and Busch-free@home: The world needs new solutions

New solutions are always needed for the Smart Home. These were now presented at the “elektrotechnik” trade fair. Exhibitors such as ABB, Striebel & John and Busch-Jaeger showed what their companies’ innovative spirit has brought forth. One thing became clear: intelligent energy management and the smart home are no longer dreams of the future. Instead, companies are focusing on finding solutions to support the energy transition.

The electrical industry plays a major role in this, and so “elektrotechnik” from February 8 to 10, 2023, focused on energy efficiency, safety, design and renovation. Living, working and living in the city were in focus.

Solutions that already work well in industry were also presented at the show for use in private households. With Busch-free@home, renewable energy sources can be integrated, and the charging infrastructure for e-cars is also included here. In addition to Busch-free@home, Busch-flexTronics was presented: The electronics kit is to be used in renovations and serve as the basis for individual operation of blinds and lights.

Busch-flexTronics can be expanded on request and, depending on the expansion stage, can be combined with Busch-free@home flex. It is also possible to upgrade to a completely smart home, in which all components are networked with each other. Busch-flexTronics is designed to make it easy to get started.

Building technology for the switch to Smart Home (Photo: ABB, Busch-Jaeger)

Building technology for the switch to Smart Home (Photo: ABB, Busch-Jaeger)

New solutions for building automation

Modern buildings should be able to adapt easily to the time of day and the weather, as this is the only way to save energy. This applies to both private and industrial buildings. The systems used must therefore be controllable and flexible, while at the same time intelligent monitoring of all components and levels is necessary. In the best case, this is done both on-site and remotely.

ABB and Busch-Jaeger showed scalable solutions at the trade fair that are based on smart technologies and can be used both in new buildings and in existing properties. ABB presented, among other things, the i-bus KNX system, which is necessary for the protocol-independent system Cylon. Furthermore, ABB FusionAir was shown, a smart sensor for the detection of room temperature, humidity, CO2 content and other components. With the help of the sensors, all parameters can be measured without contact.

The upgrade of buildings is seen in a positive light, because by entering the world of smart homes, an increase in the value of real estate is achieved. By using flexible expansion stages for room control, it is possible to individually adapt the building to the currently desired smart home status. This extends to the complete networking of all parts and components.

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