Gefma and BIM World MUNICH become long-term partners of CAFM RING e.V


BIM World MUNICH, a leading event promoting digitalisation in the architecture, engineering, construction and real estate industries, has announced a cooperation with CAFM RING e.V. and gefma under the banner of “BIM4FM”. This cooperation aims to strengthen the integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Facility Management (FM) and to develop common standards and best practices. Through the exchange of expertise and close cooperation between the partners, innovative solutions are to be created to improve efficiency and sustainability in the management of buildings.

Growing market: BIM World MUNICH shows the future of energy-efficient construction and operation

BIM World MUNICH is a cross-sector trade fair that brings together a wide range of exhibitors covering all phases of the construction process. From planning to construction to operation, the focus is on innovative solutions and technologies. Facility management in particular plays a crucial role, as it is responsible for efficiently operating and maintaining buildings and infrastructures. The fair provides a platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field of operation and to explore new business opportunities. According to Statista, the global market volume for energy-efficient buildings is expected to triple to 611 billion euros from 2020 to 2030.

The challenges in the area of operating buildings and facilities are extremely diverse and complex. ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) ratings have been introduced to meet environmental, social and governance requirements. However, this initially entails additional costs for companies. The main concern is to minimise the financial burden on companies and to ensure broad and rapid implementation. In addition, according to the Taxonomy Regulation, companies must demonstrate the extent to which their activities are sustainable.

The topic of the Net Zero approach is becoming more and more important. This approach deals with the reduction of CO2 emissions from buildings and facilities. Not only ecological aspects are taken into account, but also the optimisation of time and costs in building management. A recently published study by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute shows that the use of digital technologies in facility management offers considerable advantages. The results of the study make clear that savings of up to 30 percent of costs, 50 percent of processing time and 50 percent of CO2 emissions are possible.

Digitalisation in facility management opens up new perspectives for significantly increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures. In the newly built office complex “The Spiral” in New York, digital technologies are used not only to ensure the irrigation of the plants, but also to integrate the lighting and energy management systems into a comprehensive automation system. This makes it possible to monitor the building’s overall energy consumption and control specific targets in terms of CO2 emissions.

BIM World MUNICH is a major event specialising in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Facility Management (FM). With the BIM4FM Congress and its own FM Area, it offers visitors a comprehensive platform to obtain detailed information on all facets of building management. In addition to the informative content, the event is also an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people. The organisers are convinced that the advancing digitalisation in facility management is an extremely fascinating topic that will be of great interest to all visitors to BIM World MUNICH. Together with their partners CAFM RING e.V. and gefma, they want to highlight the potential of this development and provide inspiring impulses for the industry.

Partner Congress is a major conference that focuses on the latest developments and trends in digital facility management. The event will be attended by respected industry representatives who will present their insights and innovative approaches. Among the planned programme items are the optimisation of operating costs through the use of digital facility management solutions, the use of digital twins for efficient facility management, and the integration of smart building technologies and IoT in facility management.

The current challenges in real estate operations require a comprehensive and integrated approach to the planning, construction and operation of buildings. This means that all processes and phases must be closely interlinked to ensure an effective and sustainable solution. By thinking and coordinating planning, construction and operation holistically, a solid foundation for the future is created. This foundation enables all stakeholders involved in architecture, engineering and real estate to achieve their individual goals and ensure long-term, successful development.

BIM World MUNICH in November 2023 provides a platform to discuss the importance of standardisation for digitalisation. Mahmut Tümkaya and Jürgen Schneider express the need for standards for an efficient and smooth digital transformation. Investors will increasingly look to ensure that companies they wish to invest in are able to adapt to established standards and benefit from the advantages of a standardised digital infrastructure.

Latest trends and innovations: BIM World MUNICH as the leading BIM event

BIM World MUNICH is a leading international trade fair and conference focusing on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the digital transformation of the construction industry. The event brings together leading companies, experts and professionals to discuss the latest technologies, processes and strategies in the field of digital design, construction and operation of buildings. With a wide range of exhibitors, presentations and interactive workshops, BIM World MUNICH offers participants the opportunity to expand their expertise, exchange best practices and discover innovative solutions. The show will take place at ICM Munich from 28-29 November 2023 and is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of construction.

CAFM RING e. V.: Community for digitalisation in real estate operations

CAFM RING e. V. is an association that specialises in digitalisation in real estate operations. It consists of a large number of software houses and companies that focus on professional planning and services in the operation of real estate and technical facilities. The association pursues the goal of establishing a uniform industry view and making a promise to users in terms of transparency and quality. The CAFM RING actively participates in the market by developing and promoting technological and qualitative standards. It is also involved in the promotion of education and training measures as well as the exchange of knowledge and information between the various stakeholders in the industry.

Facility management in focus: gefma promotes growth and professionalisation

As a recognised professional association for facility management in Germany, the German Facility Management Association (gefma) is an important link between users, service providers and research institutions. gefma promotes dialogue and the exchange of expertise in order to jointly develop solutions to challenges in facility management. Through its diverse activities, gefma contributes to the professionalisation of the facility management sector and supports its continuous development.

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