CESentry: A Cloud-Based Solution for Secure Access Management


The CESentry electronic locking system by CES combines modern technologies and contemporary design, making it a standout solution for managing access control. With its cloud-based infrastructure, CESentry offers a secure and convenient way to store and manage access rights. The system can be easily operated through the CESentry AdminApp or Web-Client, providing users with flexibility and ease of use. Whether using a smartphone or RFID media, CESentry ensures efficient and reliable access management.

Secure cloud-based management of access rights with CESentry

Access rights are securely stored and managed in the cloud using CESentry. The CESentry AdminApp and web client provide easy operation of the organizational system. The AdminApp is designed for quick handling on smartphones, while the web client offers a comfortable user interface for larger installations. Locking devices can be operated either with a smartphone via the CESentry AccessApp or with RFID media.

CESentry offers flexible licensing options for various user needs

CESentry offers a range of license models to cater to different user needs. The Basic license is suitable for private households and small businesses, providing 20 free IDs with the option to purchase an additional 20 paid IDs. On the other hand, the Business license is designed for larger companies or public institutions and can be expanded to include up to 100 IDs. An ID can be a locking device, a smartphone, or an RFID access medium. Users have the flexibility to upgrade from the Basic to the Business license at any time.

Cloud-based access control system: Secure, convenient, and up-to-date

The cloud-based locking system offers numerous advantages. With a stable internet connection, the system can be administered anytime and from anywhere. No IT infrastructure or software installation is required. The facility data is securely stored in the cloud, and access permissions are always up to date. The system security is regularly audited and certified by independent companies.

Convenient and Flexible Access Rights Management with CESentry AccessApp

With the CESentry AccessApp, granting access rights to a smartphone has never been easier. Using the app, users can assign access privileges “over the air”, eliminating the need for physical key exchange. Furthermore, the validity of these rights can be predetermined and activated only on the specified date, providing a flexible and convenient way to manage access permissions. This feature simplifies access management and enhances security for both individuals and organizations.

Seamless data transfer and automatic updates for secure access control

The CESentry system utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology to establish a seamless communication channel between the AccessApp and the locking devices. This allows for data transfer without any noticeable impact on the user’s experience. The system continuously verifies access permissions, updates or revokes other authorizations, and allows for changes in device configurations. Furthermore, the system automatically delivers software updates and system upgrades to the locking devices, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the operator.

Real-time event monitoring and push notifications with CESentry AdminApp

With the CESentry AdminApp, users have the ability to review and analyze events that occur within the system. This allows for easy monitoring of important events and the ability to define push notifications that are displayed directly on the user’s smartphone. This feature is particularly useful for quickly identifying issues such as low battery levels or unauthorized access attempts. In the event of a lost key, users can easily block access privileges within the AdminApp.

Innovative CESentry Locking Devices with Unified Design Concept

The latest generation of CESentry locking devices impresses with both its technical features and elegant design. A unified design concept for cylinders, fittings, and wall terminals creates a visually, tactilely, and functionally cohesive system. Premium and durable materials are utilized, ensuring longevity. Additionally, customers have the option to order the locking devices in various colors, allowing for customization and personalization.

New coupling system enables flexible adaptation of locking system

The CESentry cloudbased electronic locking system now offers a wide range of cylinder options, including traditional door cylinders, padlocks, lever cylinders, round cylinders, and even a screw-on cylinder for box locks. This innovative coupling system allows for easy customization of the locking system to meet individual requirements.

CESentry’s cloud-based locking system offers numerous advantages for private households, businesses, and larger companies. The easy management in the cloud, flexible licensing model, secure allocation of access rights, and automatic system updates make CESentry an innovative and future-proof solution. Additionally, the elegant design of the locking devices adds to the overall package, providing the highest level of comfort and functionality.

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