Cipia: Safer driving with AI monitoring?


Cipia, a Tel Aviv-based sensor company recently introduced its DMS system for monitoring drivers in their vehicles. The AI solution is designed to help reduce the high number of accidents.

Road danger zone

Statistics show that about 500,000 accidents involving trucks occur annually in the U.S. alone. Once again, truck driving is one of the deadliest jobs in the world. Research increasingly suggests that distractions are responsible for more than two-thirds of collisions.

Cipia: AI against accidents

Cipia, also known as Eyesight, wants to help fix this problem. The company wants to provide nothing less than life-protecting technology to prevent further accidents. It hopes to make this possible through its Driver Sense Monitoring System (DMS). This AI technology can detect and evaluate different things and activities in vehicle interiors.

Cabin Sense: Seatbelted or not

One part of the software solution can not only detect whether everyone inside is properly buckled up or not. It can also determine how many of the seats in the car are occupied and whether there are children among them. Furthermore, it registers the age and gender of passengers, as well as luggage and communication devices.

Driver Sense: how fit is the driver

The other part focuses on the physical condition of the driver. Computer vision and artificial intelligence are used to record biological characteristics that allow conclusions to be drawn about the driver’s condition. In detail, this means constant monitoring of eye activity when looking forward, blinking or the width of the eye opening. Changes in this can be interpreted as emerging fatigue.

Cipia-FS10 for fleet management

For some time now, the company has been offering an adapted version of its monitoring system to fleet operators. The device for video telematics and monitoring of vehicle drivers is intended to ensure greater safety on the roads. In the event of emerging problems in traffic, it is no longer just the driver concerned who is warned. The fleet driver will also be informed promptly of the changed conditions. Until then, the head of the chain can use telemetry to obtain a precise overview of the constitutions and actions of his drivers at any time.

Future market autonomous driving

With its DMS system, Cipia considers itself well equipped for further developments in the automotive sector. Recently, the company was able to report the installation of its technology in two new types of vehicles from China. The partnership with Mobileye shows where the development could go in the future. For example, it is assumed that DMS will soon be found in ADAS cameras. It also ensures that applications already related today, such as emergency braking systems and lane departure warning systems, will soon be much more intelligent than before.

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