Infobip identifies five common fraud types in mobile communication


Ensuring the security of mobile communication is crucial as more and more interactions between brands and consumers are shifting to digital channels. Infobip, a leading global cloud communication platform, has identified five common types of fraud that affect mobile users in the SMS ecosystem. By identifying and addressing these fraud types, Infobip aims to protect both brands and mobile users, ensuring a safe and secure messaging environment.

Infobip: Protecting Mobile Network Operators and Brands with Firewall

Infobip plays a crucial role as a co-guardian for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging environment. By providing a robust firewall, the company helps safeguard brands and mobile users from potential threats and fraud. This partnership ensures that MNOs can rely on Infobip’s expertise and technology to maintain a secure and trustworthy A2P messaging ecosystem.

Rising A2P market fuels increase in fraud and losses

With the A2P market experiencing steady growth and projected to reach $29 billion by 2024, it is crucial for mobile network operators and businesses to address the increasing number of fraud cases and associated revenue losses. Infobip has identified five critical security challenges in this space, highlighting the need for robust solutions to combat artificially inflated traffic, malware threats like Flubot, smishing attacks, grey routes, and spam messages. Collaboration between established SMS providers and regulatory adjustments can help protect consumers and ensure a secure A2P ecosystem.

  1. Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) refers to the fraudulent use of bots to generate multiple PIN requests, resulting in excessive costs and financial gains for the perpetrator
  2. Flubot is a malware that spreads rapidly, similar to the flu, infecting users’ phones when they click on fraudulent links and download fake applications or security updates
  3. Smishing is a fraudulent technique where scammers impersonate legitimate institutions and send fake SMS messages to deceive consumers into disclosing sensitive information
  4. Grey routes refer to the practice where fraudsters bypass the billing systems of mobile network operators (MNOs) to deliver SMS directly to end-users. This results in revenue loss for MNOs and increases security and privacy risks for mobile users
  5. Spam messages, unwanted and unsolicited, have been a nuisance for mobile users and consumers, resulting in a negative customer experience

Infobip and Orange International Carriers have formed a partnership to protect the A2P ecosystem. By collaborating with established SMS providers, Infobip recommends that mobile network operators implement superior firewall solutions to safeguard consumers and combat fraud. They also advocate for regulatory adjustments to allow the use of content analysis modules for detecting and preventing various fraudulent scenarios. Cedric Gonin, VP Global Business Support at Orange International Carriers, emphasizes the importance of cooperation to mitigate A2P fraud. Infobip, a leading SMS firewall provider, offers advanced technologies such as machine learning and content analysis to identify and block fraudulent traffic effectively.

In order to protect consumers and combat fraud in the A2P ecosystem, Infobip recommends that mobile network operators collaborate with established SMS providers that have direct relationships with major brands and can implement technically superior firewall solutions. Additionally, Infobip calls for an adjustment of regulatory frameworks to allow for the use of content analysis modules that help detect and prevent various fraud scenarios.

Cedric Gonin, VP Global Business Support at Orange International Carriers, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in combating A2P fraud. By working together, all stakeholders can effectively curb fraudsters’ increasingly sophisticated tactics. Mobilfunknetzbetreiber and companies should invest in security measures and leverage the latest technologies to fight fraud and protect their customers and businesses. As the strength of a system relies on its weakest link, it is crucial to prioritize security and implement robust measures against fraud.

Infobip: Leading SMS Firewall Provider Protecting 1.2 Billion Users

Infobip has established itself as a leading provider of SMS firewalls, consistently recognized for its expertise in the field for the past four years. With its robust firewall solutions, the company safeguards over 120 MNO networks and protects 1.2 billion mobile users. Processing an impressive 63 billion transactions per month, Infobip effectively blocks over a billion fraudulent messages, ensuring a high level of security and connectivity. Leveraging more than 800 direct connections to mobile operators, Infobip remains at the forefront of the industry.

Infobip’s Advanced Technologies Combat A2P Fraud Effectively

Infobip provides a comprehensive solution to protect the A2P ecosystem from fraud. By utilizing advanced technologies such as machine learning and content analysis, Infobip accurately identifies and blocks fraudulent traffic. The company collaborates closely with mobile network operators and businesses to combat fraud cases collectively and ensure consumer protection. With its successful SMS firewall and innovative products like “Signals,” Infobip offers a secure and reliable communication platform for both companies and consumers.

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