Cognosos’ RTLS Solution: Affordable, Accurate, and Game-Changing for Healthcare


Adrian Jennings, Chief Product Officer at Cognosos, believes that traditional real-time location services (RTLS) often fail to meet customers’ expectations. These services are either too expensive, limiting their adoption, or inaccurate when they are affordable. For instance, they may wrongly indicate that an item is in the correct room when it is actually located in a backyard. Cognosos aims to provide a different approach to RTLS, offering affordable and precise solutions that accurately track and locate items.

Cognosos revolutionizes healthcare with seamless device localization

Cognosos offers a unique approach to real-time location services (RTLS) in healthcare. By eliminating the need for nurses to consult devices or ask for the location of equipment, the company aims to seamlessly integrate technology into the background of hospital operations. This streamlined process ensures that essential devices, such as wheelchairs and suction pumps, are readily available when needed, without disrupting the workflow of healthcare professionals.

Instead of simply locating lost items, RTLS, as suggested by Jennings, should utilize all generated data to ensure that every room has what it needs at all times. This can be achieved by monitoring the actual usage of devices in the clinic, rather than relying on verbal reports. Jennings highlights that hospitals typically have twice as much equipment as they actually require, emphasizing the need for efficient resource management through data-driven solutions.

Cognosos leverages artificial intelligence and data analysis to accurately determine equipment needs and address varying requirements at different times or seasons. By doing so, they aim to create a self-regulating clinic that can adapt and operate efficiently. With the help of advanced technologies, Cognosos ensures that the right resources are available when and where they are needed, optimizing resource allocation and improving patient care outcomes.

This comprehensive interview provides insights into the various ways equipment can be lost, stolen, or hoarded, and the impact this has on the flow of patients within the system. It also emphasizes the importance of trust and highlights the technology powering Cognosos’ RTLS solution. Additionally, the interview delves into the decision-making process for prioritizing the protection of equipment, offering valuable information for healthcare professionals seeking to improve their operations.

Cognosos’ affordable and accurate RTLS solution saves healthcare budgets

  1. Cognosos’ RTLS solution offers cost efficiency by being affordable and accurate, making it suitable for widespread use in healthcare facilities without straining their budgets
  2. Cognosos utilizes Artificial Intelligence and data analysis to achieve precise localization of devices, ensuring they are in the correct locations. This streamlines the process of finding required equipment, saving time and improving efficiency
  3. Cognosos’ real-time monitoring of device usage optimizes inventory levels in clinics, ensuring they have only the necessary equipment. This reduces excess stock and lowers costs, leading to more efficient operations
  4. Flexibility: Cognosos’ solution adjusts to varying needs at different times or seasons, ensuring it meets the demands of any clinic and facilitates seamless operations

Cognosos’ RTLS solution revolutionizes healthcare with precise device tracking

Cognosos’ RTLS solution is transforming the healthcare industry by revolutionizing real-time location services. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data analysis, it enables precise device localization, optimizes inventory management, and ensures seamless operations in hospitals. With Cognosos, healthcare facilities can become self-regulating institutions where everything runs smoothly.

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