Composable Enterprise: Scheer PAS supports SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.


Scheer PAS is a new member of the association “SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.” and supports companies from the industrial sector in accelerating processes and making them more agile.

Implementing Industry 4.0 scenarios with Composable Enterprise.

Production is constantly faced with new challenges due to disruptive trends, new types of competitors and innovative technologies. This constant change requires agile and digital features for existing industrial enterprises. Scheer PAS addresses this challenge and supports industrial companies in effectively implementing Industry 4.0 scenarios. Scheer PAS has set itself the goal of making the Composable Enterprise topic area accessible to industrial companies.

“We are convinced that digitization only adds value when people, processes and systems work together optimally. It is not enough to digitize manual activities. Sustainable effects for companies only result from the meaningful interaction of these three components,” says Robert Müller, CEO of Scheer PAS Deutschland GmbH.

Composable Enterprise: Better communication between different systems

Scheer PAS relies on the Composable Enterprise principle, which shows how companies must be structured in order to withstand the changes brought about by digitization and be resistant to competing companies. The principle extends through all levels of a company in the industrial sector. Scheer PAS developed the Application Composition Platform to implement this principle. The platform organizes and structures programs that have been developed differently and independently of each other. It also allows data and hardware to communicate with each other, creating a holistic solution. None of the previously available applications was able to map this interaction on its own. IT integration, process automation and application development can be linked together so that they can build on each other. With Composable Enterprise, different systems can communicate with each other and be made accessible to users.

With Composable Enterprise, use cases from the field of Industrie 4.0 can be realized effectively and at every level. Thanks to Scheer PAS, manufacturing processes can be automated. Production systems and data from the IoT are brought together on a new type of platform. This accelerates processes and increases the company’s level of digitalization.

Scheer PAS is involved in various consortia to make such a broad solution accessible to industrial companies from the IoT sector on a broad level. To achieve this goal, the company has also joined SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.

SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V. promotes Industry 4.0.

This is an information and demonstration platform for digital Industry 4.0. This evaluation environment of SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V. is implemented in a real electronics factory to best test and implement its effectiveness. Software and hardware manufacturers from various sectors as well as university institutions are actively collaborating on the initiative to help achieve its goals. The central objective of the initiative is to create, test and validate Industry 4.0 solutions in a real production environment.

The goals of SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V. in detail:

  • Evaluation of system components for cyber-physical systems (CPS) in a real electronics factory.
  • Use of platform-independent Industrie 4.0 technology
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Automatic error analysis, allowing the machines to detect and work around past errors

Robert Müller explains, “One of our goals of participating in SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V. is to transfer know-how between members on the topic of Industrie 4.0.” Every company has valuable domain knowledge, he adds. Therefore, Scheer PAS plans to test and develop new application scenarios in the field of data integration in cooperation with industrial companies. “In doing so, we will create a greater awareness of Composable Enterprise on a higher level. Because adaptability is a basic prerequisite for the competitiveness of production companies,” explains Müller.

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