CONVOTIS and iXenso Group: Together for digitalisation and success


CONVOTIS has further strengthened its status as a leading provider of IT solutions for digitalisation and business process optimisation through the strategic acquisition of the iXenso Group. The iXenso Group, a multiple award-winning company, is known for its expertise in OpenText ECM, SAP, Powercloud, RPA and Process Mining. The acquisition enables CONVOTIS to expand its portfolio and deepen its technological expertise to better support its customers in their digitalisation. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to tap into the Italian market.

iXenso Group strengthens CONVOTIS’ business base

By merging with the iXenso Group, CONVOTIS can expand its existing portfolio and tap into a more diverse customer base. With over 20 years of experience in optimising business processes, iXenso AG has proven itself as a reliable partner for numerous companies. The merger enables CONVOTIS and iXenso to combine their respective strengths and offer their customers a broader range of solutions. The additional locations in Munich, Hanover, Renningen and Turin strengthen the geographical presence of CONVOTIS and improve the proximity to customers in different regions.

iXenso AG: Experience in business process optimisation pays off

The iXenso AG has established itself as the largest independent integration partner of OpenText in the DACH region and works closely with industry giants like SAP and Microsoft. Their extensive experience enables the iXenso AG to create intelligent connections between structured and unstructured content, crucial for designing efficient business processes for their clients. Leveraging their broad industry expertise and diverse customer base, the iXenso Group provides valuable resources for CONVOTIS to expand ist offerings and deliver customized solutions across various sectors.

Intelligent linkages: iXenso AG as a pioneer

The iXenso AG has made a name for itself by developing tailor-made solutions for global large enterprises and SMEs. The close collaboration with partners such as OpenText, SAP, and Microsoft enables iXenso AG to leverage state-of-the-art technologies and offer innovative solutions to ist clients. With ist expertise, iXenso AG understands the unique challenges faced by different businesses and applies ist knowledge to meet the specific business requirements of ist customers.

CONVOTIS remains a frontrunner in digitalisation solutions

The acquisition of iXenso Group is a significant milestone for CONVOTIS, highlighting ist ambition to be a leading provider of solutions for digitalization and business process optimization. The combination of CONVOTIS’ proven capabilities with the expertise of iXenso AG places the company in a strong position to meet the growing market demands. Expanding ist portfolio and customer base enables CONVOTIS to offer innovative solutions for complex business processes while providing added value to ist clients in their digital transformation journey.

The strategic acquisition of the iXenso Group by CONVOTIS creates a win-win situation for both companies. CONVOTIS strengthens ist market position and expands ist portfolio, while the iXenso Group benefits from a broader customer base and an entry into the Italian market. The combination of expertise from both companies promises innovative solutions for businesses on their digitalization journey. Customers of CONVOTIS and iXenso AG can rely on an extended range of services and top-notch support.

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