CORVINA: No-code IIoT platform for data consolidation


EXOR Germany offers a new cloud application: The IIoT platform CORVINA is set to prove itself in Industry 4.0 and drive digital transformation. The next step towards a smart factory has been taken.

CORVINA: IIoT platform from EXOR

Industrial companies have focused on progress in recent years. Industry 4.0 is more than a buzzword and is expected to bring digitalization to industry. Many devices and machines in the field of production have been networked in recent years, but the road to the smart factory is still long. Companies also need the necessary infrastructure to collect and analyze the data generated by machines. Only from the analyses can improvements be derived, which in turn can further advance digitization. New IIoT platforms are in demand. This is where CORVINA now enters the picture, a platform available in Germany from EXOR.

No-code platform: no isolated structures desired

Many companies build infrastructures that handle use cases in isolation. Various technologies are deployed, creating IoT silos. However, these silos are not always compatible with each other, making data collection, analysis, and evaluation difficult or impossible altogether. Instead of simplifications, new challenges are created with which the planned innovations are hardly possible.

The task is to break down the silos, which should be possible with the help of IIoT platforms such as CORVINA. Users are provided with a control center and thus a good insight into data and processes in production. Investments and processes become easier to optimize.

CORVINA is a no-code platform and is designed to connect products and machines as well as different systems. The platform represents a bridge between OT and IT architecture and provides all the necessary tools for the implementation of Industrie 4.0. The simplicity of the solution is particularly noteworthy here: data is collected in real time as well as historical data and then made visible on a dashboard.

As a no-code platform, CORVINA is also convincing in terms of visual design: user-friendliness is ensured at all times. At the same time, connectivity for remote access and edge management is easier. Connectivity management is advanced, and communication is reliably possible.

Another advantage is that EXOR not only supplies the no-code platform CORVINA, but also provides the necessary hardware. Examples of this are xWare IoT gateways, which stand as the basis between Industry 4.0 and IoT and significantly facilitate the further development of the smart factory. Customers thus have a single point of contact that supplies both hardware and software and thus ensures that the two communicate with each other. The problem of lacking connectivity is thus eliminated at the same time.

About EXOR Deutschland GmbH

EXOR was founded in 1971 and still has offices in Germany, Italy, the USA and India. More than 185 people are employed worldwide in the fields of shipping, building automation and industry. The company’s range of products and services is primarily focused on customer-specific hardware and software solutions. Now one of the most influential companies, EXOR designs, engineers, develops and manufactures solutions for industrial IoT, controls and human machine interfaces.

The main focus is on intuitive tools that respond to the concepts of Industry 4.0. What is important in the company above all is expertise, and it is important that all branches are managed only by professionals. Central project planning and manufacturing take place at the headquarters in Italy.

For anyone who wants to know more, EXOR's press contact is available:

EXOR Germany GmbH
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42389 Wuppertal
Tel: +49 202 27911 0

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