Dance GmbH and IoT Venture GmbH enhance partnership for E-Mobility and IoT


Dance GmbH and IoT Venture GmbH are intensifying their successful cooperation in the field of E-Mobility and IoT. In addition to equipping the entire Dance fleet with GPS trackers, there is also a planned collaboration in the area of Data Signatures. Dance, a Berlin-based start-up, offers bicycle subscriptions in several German and European cities and has relied on the expertise of IoT Venture in the area of theft protection from the beginning. Through this close cooperation, all Dance bikes will now be digitally protected against theft.

Dance GmbH and IoT Venture GmbH team up to enhance theft protection for bike fleet

The collaboration between Dance GmbH and IoT Venture GmbH aims to enhance the theft protection of the Dance fleet. Thousands of “Dance-One” E-Bikes have already been equipped with GPS trackers from IT’S MY BIKE, the trade brand of IoT Venture. Now, the remaining bicycles in the Dance fleet will also be equipped with this innovative theft protection. Thanks to their technology, IoT Venture has already successfully recovered a three-digit number of stolen Dance bikes in Paris and Berlin.

In addition to theft protection, the collaboration between Dance and IoT Venture also extends to the field of data signatures. With IoT Venture’s smart technology, insights and analysis into data are made possible, which can be used for various applications. Specifically, the evaluation of past thefts can reveal possible patterns and connections that could indicate organized crime. Furthermore, a jointly developed algorithm enables the detection of the commercial use of Dance bikes, ensuring that the rented bicycles are only used in accordance with the agreed usage guidelines.

Christian Springub, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Dance GmbH, highlights the benefits of the cooperation with IoT Venture, stating that it has enabled them to establish new standards in bike theft protection. Furthermore, the closer collaboration in the field of Data Signatures allows for deeper insights into usage patterns and theft trends. This partnership between Dance and IoT Venture not only promises an effective theft protection system but also optimized bike usage through data analysis.

The collaboration between Dance and IoT Venture benefits both companies, as Dance can provide its customers with an enhanced theft protection system while gaining valuable insights from the data signatures. On the other hand, IoT Venture can expand its expertise in the IoT and theft protection field and establish new standards through the partnership with Dance. This partnership highlights how close cooperation in the field of E-Mobility and IoT can lead to innovative solutions and added value.

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