Transforming Production: ARENA2036 and SmartFactoryKL in Gaia-X Data Space


The recent collaboration between the innovation hub ARENA2036 and SmartFactory Kaiserslautern (SF-KL) is a testament to pioneering progress in production technology. This partnership envisions a platform that injects the production landscape with trailblazing impulses. By joining forces, it sets the stage for unprecedented prospects, bridging research and practical applications, aiming to catalyze groundbreaking advancements in manufacturing.

Pioneering Alliance: ARENA2036 and SmartFactoryKL Shaping Transformation

Within this partnership, a significant milestone project has been initiated, reshaping the future of production technology. Under the auspices of Gaia-X, this project paves the way for a data-driven and secure collaboration. The initiative promises to redefine the manner in which production is approached, offering innovative solutions within a highly interconnected environment.

PILZ Module: A Building Block for the Future

At the heart of this endeavor’s success lies a pioneering handling module developed by PILZ. In June, this module was delivered to ARENA2036 and is now being seamlessly integrated into the Gaia-X data space of SmartFactoryKL. Consequently, the module becomes an essential component of the Production Level 4 ecosystem, enabling innovative and automated manufacturing processes to flourish.

Spotlight on Production: Insights into Workflow

Currently, the SmartFactoryKL is engaged in a Shared Production of model trucks across three sites. The seamless integration of the PILZ module in Stuttgart further refines the production architecture. A notable feature is the “Yellow Cab” option in the truck configurator, triggering production within the ARENA2036. The module facilitates efficient manufacturing of the cab in PILZ’s distinctive corporate colors. Automated quality control via a robotic arm and camera, guided by a AI algorithm, ensures product quality before transportation to Kaiserslautern for assembly.

Secure Data Spaces: Foundation for Successful Collaborations

At the core of this innovative collaboration lies the secure data space, providing a pivotal role. It ensures not only the secure transmission and storage of data but also encourages collaborative development and integration of technologies. Susanne Kunschert, Managing Partner of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, emphasizes: “Data spaces form the invaluable foundation for digital collaboration. They interconnect and aggregate knowledge from various production environments.

Collaborative Synergy: Pioneering Insights into Transformative Innovation

Johannes Diemer of ARENA2036 highlights the successful fusion of data spaces, emphasizing their pivotal role in fostering groundbreaking innovations. The seamless interaction and knowledge exchange among diverse stakeholders, coupled with standardization efforts in initiatives like Gaia-X and Catena-X, create an environment where pioneering breakthroughs can be actively explored and realized.

Shifting Boundaries: A New Era in Production Technology

Prof. Martin Ruskowski, CEO of SmartFactoryKL, succinctly emphasizes how the shift of manufacturing processes, coordination, and secure data exchange into data rooms heralds a groundbreaking transformation in production. The successful partnership with ARENA2036 vividly demonstrates how collaborative production might function in the future. From a technical perspective, a range of scenarios emerge, all resting on the robust foundation of secure data rooms, thereby enabling highly efficient and innovative production workflows.

Conclusion: A Leap into the Future of Production

The partnership between ARENA2036 and SmartFactoryKL, bolstered by the pioneering PILZ module, signifies a breakthrough in production landscape evolution. The fusion of secure data spaces and seamless collaboration among diverse stakeholders sets novel benchmarks for innovation and efficiency. This collaborative stride defines the present production realm while illuminating the path toward a promising future of manufacturing technology.

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