dbramante1928 introduces re-charge: the world’s first fully recyclable chargers


The latest product collection from dbramante1928, called re-charge, addresses the need for sustainability and recyclability in the realm of cables, power banks, wireless car and wall chargers. With over 1.3 billion laptops and phones sold annually, each requiring a charger and cable, the amount of discarded charging cables is staggering. By utilizing 100% GRS-certified recycled plastic, dbramante1928’s re-charge collection ensures functionality, durability, safety, and transmission speed while being fully recyclable.

dbramante1928’s re-charge Collection: 100% Recyclable Charging Accessories

The re-charge product collection by dbramante1928 is a groundbreaking solution that prioritizes sustainability and recyclability without compromising functionality, durability, safety, and transmission speed. Made entirely from GRS-certified recycled plastic, this range of mobile charging accessories sets a new standard in responsible manufacturing. Moreover, dbramante1928 demonstrates its commitment to the environment by implementing a Lifecycle Management Initiative, ensuring the safe and efficient recycling of its products and other electronic waste items.

With its lifecycle management initiative, dbramante1928 ensures the safe, efficient, and responsible recycling of old products, giving them a second life and reusing otherwise discarded materials. This makes the re-charge chargers the first worldwide to be made from recycled plastic that can be recycled again, just like their electronics.

In addition to supporting all fast charging standards, dbramante1928 goes a step further by offering a five-year warranty on its products. This ensures that customers can rely on the quality and durability of their purchases. Furthermore, to complete the sustainable cycle, the company provides a free product disposal service at the end of its lifespan, promoting responsible and eco-friendly practices.

Did you know that producing 1 kg of gold from electronic waste reduces CO2 emissions by 99.99% compared to traditional mining? Not only that, but it also minimizes environmental damage and reduces water consumption. dbramante1928’s products, such as their wall chargers with a five-year warranty and GaN technology, offer a range of features. By choosing these sustainable and innovative products, you can contribute to a greener future while enjoying top-quality charging solutions.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a crystal-like material that has the ability to conduct higher voltages. Compared to silicon, components made of GaN allow for faster flow of electricity, resulting in higher processing speeds. Additionally, GaN is more efficient, generating less heat during operation.

The reduced heat generation allows for a more compact design of chargers, resulting in smaller devices than ever before. This downsizing does not compromise the performance or safety of the chargers. Furthermore, it leads to a significant reduction in the amount of materials used, the production effort required, and the emissions generated during transportation. Ultimately, this environmentally-friendly approach contributes to a greener future.

With the release of the new collection from dbramante1928, you have the power to make a difference. By choosing their uncompromisingly manufactured charging accessories, you can not only power your devices but also protect the planet. With a range of models available from April, you can make an informed decision to support sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

The 20W USB C Charger, priced at €19.99, and the 30W USB-C Charger, priced at €29.99, are among the most commonly used chargers. These chargers offer fast charging capabilities and are compatible with various devices. With their affordable price points, they provide a cost-effective solution for powering your devices. The 20W charger is suitable for smartphones, tablets, and other small electronic devices, while the 30W charger is ideal for laptops and larger devices.

dbramante1928’s re-charge collection: 100% recyclable products for sustainability

  • The re-charge product collection by dbramante1928 is 100% recyclable, made from GRS-certified recycled plastic, ensuring complete reusability
  • The Lifecycle-Management-Initiative by dbramante1928 ensures the responsible recycling of old products, efficiently giving them a second life and reusing discarded materials
  • The re-charge chargers from dbramante1928 are the world’s first recyclable chargers made from recycled plastic, including their electronics
  • dbramante1928 provides support for all fast charging standards, ensuring quick and efficient charging for your devices
  • The chargers from dbramante1928 are equipped with GaN technology, which increases processing speed and enables more efficient usage
  • The integration of GaN technology in the chargers leads to a significant reduction in materials, production costs, and freight emissions. By minimizing heat generation, the chargers can be made smaller, resulting in less material usage and lower production and transportation impacts
  • The environmentally friendly and recyclable chargers from dbramante1928 protect the environment by minimizing CO2 emissions and water consumption

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