DEDITEC introduces UC-Serie: Cost-effective and precise measurement solutions


The UC-USB-AD2-16_ISO module from DEDITEC is a versatile Analog-Digital Converter with two AD channels and a resolution of 16 bits. It is an ideal solution for measuring and monitoring voltages and currents in various applications. With its ability to convert physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, or humidity into digital signals, it offers great flexibility in data processing and analysis.

Enhanced Safety and Protection with Galvanic Isolation in UC-USB-AD2-16_ISO Converter

The UC-USB-AD2-16_ISO module provides galvanic isolation for its two 16-bit channels, ensuring a secure and potential-free connection. This isolation not only protects the module itself but also the connected microprocessor circuitry, reducing the risk of damage or interference.

UC-USB-AD2-16_ISO Module: High Resolution ADC with Galvanic Isolation

The UC-USB-AD2-16_ISO module is equipped with 2 A/D channels, each with a 16-bit resolution. It provides galvanic isolation between the channels and the ground up to a maximum of 500V, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Additionally, the module offers a maximum isolation of 1000V between the channels themselves. It supports various standard voltage ranges such as 0-5V, 0-10V, +5V, and +10V, as well as optional ranges of 0-20V and 0-40V. For current measurement, it provides ranges of 0-20mA, 4-20mA, and 0-24mA.

Cost-effective and precise: DEDITEC’s UC-Series for small-scale measurements

The UC series from DEDITEC provides an affordable solution for smaller measurement tasks, while maintaining precision and reliability. The compact enclosures integrate the interface, I/O module, and additional components depending on the model. With the USB-C interface, the modules offer fast access times of only 2.06 ms.

The galvanic isolation of the channels ensures a secure and potential-free connection, effectively protecting the modules from any damage. This feature is crucial in maintaining the accuracy of measurements, as it eliminates the risk of voltage interference or ground loops. By providing a safe and reliable connection, the galvanic isolation enhances the overall performance and precision of the measurement system.

Enhanced IoT Measurement and Control with DEDITEC’s UC Series

The UC series from DEDITEC, especially the UC-USB-AD2-16_ISO module, offers numerous advantages for IoT enthusiasts and developers in the field of measurement and control technology. The galvanic isolation of the channels and power supply ensures a safe and potential-free connection, protecting the modules and connected technology. With fast access times and high resolution A/D converters, precise measurements and monitoring of voltages and currents are possible. The UC series provides a cost-effective solution for smaller measurement tasks without compromising on quality.

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