Derichebourg Multiservices: Lets equip headquarters with IoT sensors from Siemens


Derichebourg Multiservices, a provider of facility services, has chosen IoT solutions from Siemens subsidiary Enlighted to equip its new headquarters in Créteil near Paris. The smart sensors have been integrated directly into the LED lights in the office areas. In this way, the French group is achieving significant energy savings.

Derichebourg Multiservices: Achieves environmental goals with the help of IoT.

With the help of Enlighted’s smart sensors, Derichebourg Multiservices can meet both its own environmental targets and government regulations. The latter require French companies to achieve energy savings of 40 percent by 2030. One more reason to use energy-saving LED technology in the new headquarters. It is an architecturally significant building from 1970 – in the special shape of an inverted pyramid. Now it has been modernized in an environmentally friendly way.

Gradual upgrade with IoT sensors

The top three floors of the building are home to most of the open-plan offices. These were equipped with 1200 luminaires with integrated Enlighted IoT sensors from Siemens. The wireless technology made installation possible in just six weeks. The lower floors will be modernized in the next expansion phase. In order to monitor energy consumption in detail as well as to control it, the data from the sensors is permanently evaluated.

Major savings possible via lighting

Derichebourg Multiservices enlisted the support of lighting designer Le Studio Led to implement the project. The latter integrates the Enlighted sensors into its B2B lighting solutions, creating financial savings, environmental friendliness and user satisfaction as a result. Lighting can account for 10 to 15 percent of total energy consumption in the service sector.

Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted, explains, “The data collected by our Enlighted sensors is tremendously valuable when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of buildings – and the comfort and productivity of the people who work there.” He adds appreciatively, “We’re excited to work with both Le Studio Led and Derichebourg Multiservices to develop new use cases that enable an optimized service offering for building occupants.”

IoT sensors as the basis for new services

A wide range of information is obtained via the data collected. These make it possible to detect changes in room occupancy as well as environmental conditions and take action in real time. The reduction of energy consumption via the Iot sensors is one aspect. In the future, Derichebourg Multiservices would like to use the data beyond this and tap into other applications. Customers are to be shown the practical benefits of the sensors so that associated new services can be offered.

Derichebourg Multiservices is working to expand its services

Derichebourg Multiservices is working with Siemens and Le Studio Led to develop new use cases that can improve services in buildings. The plan is to integrate them into the Group’s service offering. Occupancy data from the sensors can be used, for example, to plan building cleaning in line with demand. The data could also be used, for example, to increase comfort, improve security in the building and make the reception of guests more efficient.

“The multiple opportunities offered by IoT sensors represent a major development opportunity for our service activities,” said Silvine Thoma, communications manager at Derichebourg Multiservices. “Not only do we reduce our own consumption, but we also have a practical use case so that we can offer additional services to our customers, for example for remote monitoring or cleaning activities,” she further explained.

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