Introducing the Digi IX40: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Industrial IoT


Introducing the Digi IX40, a cutting-edge mobile router solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), proudly presented by BRESSNER Technology. Available now as part of their network solution portfolio, this advanced router has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. With support for 5G connectivity and edge intelligence, the Digi IX40 offers a wide range of application possibilities.

Digi IX40 enables seamless integration of multiple machines in demanding industrial environments

The Digi IX40 is a cutting-edge router that seamlessly integrates multiple machines, regardless of whether they are wired or wireless. This feature is crucial in demanding industrial environments. With its high processing power and integrated storage, it offers extensive capabilities for real-time data processing, edge computing, and advanced precision. Additionally, it effectively reduces overall operating costs and complexity for businesses.

Streamlining Operations and Scaling IT Infrastructure with Digi IX40

The Digi IX40 offers a significant advantage by optimizing the integration of cloud-based OT services with IT. This results in improved complex workflows and enables the scaling of IT infrastructure. By providing an all-in-one solution, it allows companies to make their industrial processes more efficient while reducing complexity.

Enhanced Connectivity and Reliability for Critical Industrial Applications

The Digi IX40 solution provides support for FirstNet Capable(TM) models, specifically designed for critical applications. This feature is particularly crucial for industrial use cases and emergency situations where reliability is essential. The Digi IX40 excels in various application areas such as manufacturing process automation, precision monitoring and control, industrial automation, utility companies, and traffic management. Its capabilities make it a versatile solution for industries requiring dependable connectivity and robust performance.

Efficient network management with Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM)

The Digi Remote Manager (Digi RM) is a cloud-based command center that enables fast processing, analysis, and integration of industrial equipment data. With Digi RM, companies can efficiently manage their networks and have secure terminal access for out-of-band management of edge devices via the serial port and command line interface. This centralized solution streamlines network administration and provides a secure and convenient way to monitor and control industrial equipment remotely.

Digi IX40: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Industrial IoT

The Digi IX40 from BRESSNER Technology represents a significant advancement in industrial IoT applications, providing companies with the ability to leverage the benefits of edge computing and 5G connectivity in a single integrated device. This opens up possibilities for powerful and cost-efficient applications in areas such as Industry 4.0, energy management, and smart cities. With its ability to meet the most demanding requirements, this solution is poised to lead industrial companies into the future.

With the Digi IX40 from BRESSNER Technology, companies can benefit from a powerful and cost-effective solution for their Industry 4.0 requirements. This innovative router enables seamless integration of machines, whether wired or wireless, making it an indispensable tool for industrial companies. Additionally, it optimizes the integration of cloud-based OT services with IT, improving complex operations and allowing for scalability of the IT infrastructure. The Digi IX40 also supports critical application cases and emergency measures, ensuring reliability in industrial environments. With the Digi Remote Manager, companies can efficiently manage their networks and have secure access to out-of-band management of edge devices.

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