Innovative and Sustainable: Digital Parking System in Bad Oeynhausen


The city of Bad Oeynhausen is embracing innovation and sustainability by implementing a digital barrier-free parking system in the centrally located “Herforder Straße” parking garage. The expertise of Munich-based company Peter Park System GmbH in the field of digital parking has resulted in a reliable system consisting of both hardware and software. By eliminating barriers and paper tickets, residents and visitors can enjoy a pleasant and seamless parking experience, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

Schrankenloses Parkraumsystem: Nachhaltig, kosteneffizient und wartungsarm

The barrier-free parking system offers numerous advantages compared to conventional barrier systems. By eliminating wear-prone components, maintenance costs are reduced. In addition, the system saves paper and waste by eliminating the need for paper tickets. By avoiding congestion, the system also reduces CO2 emissions in Bad Oeynhausen. As a result, the digital parking system is not only more sustainable, but also more cost-effective and less susceptible to operational issues.

Convenient and seamless parking experience with barrier-free system

The barrier-free parking system offers a simple and convenient experience. Upon entry and exit, the vehicle’s license plate is scanned to automatically determine the parking duration. Payment for the parking process can be made either through one of the two available smartphone apps (Easypark and Parkster) or at the payment machine by entering the license plate. The payment machines are equipped with a bright touch display and offer various payment options such as Apple and Google Pay (NFC), cash, as well as debit and credit cards. After completing the payment process, the area can be seamlessly exited without stopping. Signage at the exit serves as a reminder not to forget payment.

Enjoy a 15-minute grace period with our digital parking system

The digital parking system offers a grace period of 15 minutes after the start of the parking process, allowing users to enjoy a pleasant stay without the need for immediate payment. During this time, no payment is required, and individuals can exit the parking facility without having to use the payment kiosk.

The digital parking system only captures the license plate of the vehicle and does not store any personal data. In the event of a parking violation, only then will a query be made to the Federal Motor Transport Authority to temporarily store the owner’s data. If there is no parking violation and payment is made before leaving the parking lot, the data will be automatically deleted. This ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

Increasing popularity of digital parking systems revolutionizes parking infrastructure

The increasing popularity of digitizing parking areas is mainly due to the advantages it offers in terms of user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and process efficiency. Peter Park System GmbH has already implemented its digital parking system in over 130 locations, including beach resorts, lakeside areas, and mountain railway parking lots. By introducing a barrier-free parking space system, the city of Bad Oeynhausen is demonstrating its commitment to a modern and sustainable infrastructure. This initiative will provide residents and visitors with a hassle-free, efficient, and environmentally-friendly parking experience.

Bad Oeynhausen is a picturesque city located on the banks of the Werre and Weser rivers. It is well-known for its historical spa facilities and diverse recreational opportunities. In addition to orthopedic hospitals and rehabilitation centers, the city is home to the renowned Heart and Diabetes Center NRW. Visitors can enjoy a rich cultural offering, including theaters, museums, and variety shows, ensuring a varied and entertaining experience.

Peter Park System GmbH is a leading service and system provider for barrier-free parking. Based in Munich, the company offers customized solutions for parking areas, parking garages, and underground parking lots. With intelligent license plate sensors, modern payment machines, and integration with various mobility service providers, Peter Park ensures maximum flexibility. The company serves both public and private customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, employing over 100 employees from eleven countries.

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