Smart and efficient: IoT revolutionizes corporate fleets


AREALCONTROL GmbH stands out as a reliable partner for telematics in fleet management. With the help of IoT solutions, they offer state-of-the-art technologies that enable the precise location and monitoring of vehicles. By integrating sensor technology and analysis software, companies gain insights into driver behavior, fleet utilization and vehicle performance. This can optimize operations, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.

AREALCONTROL: Telematics for more safety and cost savings

Since 2007, AREALCONTROL GmbH in Stuttgart has been known as an expert for customized telematics solutions. The solutions are widely used in the transport, logistics, construction, trade, wholesale and services industries to increase fleet efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety. The company’s modular telematics systems offer a variety of ways to digitize and automate processes in the field, fleet and service operations.

IoT makes logbook management much easier

To digitize and automate the corporate fleet, the first step is to implement an electronic driver’s logbook. This automatically records journeys and mileage and is recognized for tax purposes. It forms the basis for further measures in digitization, including the use of OBD, FMS and CAN data for “Workshop 4.0,” the improvement of route and tour planning, the introduction of truck telematics and the implementation of apps for digital order processing and working time recording. The solution also enables comprehensive automation and digitalization of fleet management with all appointments, technical incidents and documentation.

Smart solutions: ArealPilot facilitates processes

With the ArealPilot app and portal, a second way to digitize and automate the company fleet is ready. Seamless integration with planning, ERP, CRM and transport management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision or SAP enables the smooth digital import of all orders. Subsequently, the orders can be forwarded directly to the corresponding apps or subjected to efficient route planning and optimization in advance. Orders are transmitted to the apps in an optimal sequence, ensuring comprehensive, digital processing. All relevant information, including signatures and status messages, is transferred back to the planning systems. The ArealPilot app also enables the implementation of IoT ideas using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags for supply chain tracking and asset management. This solution approach is particularly suitable for customers who see their biggest challenges in process optimization and automation.

IoT: efficiency gains achieved in corporate fleets

The success factors for the future: Digitization and automation of the corporate fleet are crucial success factors for companies of all sizes. There is an urgent need for action in Germany to catch up with the Netherlands. Practical telematics, IT, IoT and app solutions enable companies to manage their fleets efficiently and remain competitive. The intelligent use of artificial intelligence also opens up further opportunities for a successful future. Companies that take action now will emerge as winners in the new era.

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