DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne: IoT platform ThingWorx introduced


The well-known company DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH from Hamburg has been manufacturing modern and efficient machines since 1885. These are used in food production as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. They are kneading and mixing machines of various types. In this segment DIOSNA has established itself as the market leader. To ensure that this leading position does not change, ThingWorx has now been established.

ThingWorx offers many advantages

ThingWorx is an IoT platform that is already very well equipped. Therefore, various prefabricated components can be adopted. This saves the company a lot of development work. It comes with a whole set of standards and databases that make integration much easier. That is why the company DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne decided to implement the modern IoT platform ThingWorx.

DIOSNA is pursuing a very important goal by implementing this system. Since the machines are already equipped with this new technology, DIOSNA learns much more about the usage and application of its customers. This data is important for continuous support as well as for further development of the equipment.

DIOSNA’s customers have high demands

The customers of this manufacturer come from bakeries, the pharmaceutical industry or the functional food sector. In these industries, it is always a matter of high efficiency and utilization of the machines. Ideally, downtime can be completely avoided. In most companies, it is not even possible to obtain an overview of plant utilization using conventional methods. On the one hand, it would not be technically feasible and on the other hand, it would be far too time-consuming.

That is why modern techniques are being sought. With the help of the IoT platform ThingWorx, the utilization of the machines can be recorded, evaluated and optimized quite easily. In addition, this innovative technology contributes to better economic efficiency.

Benefits for customers and DIOSNA

The customers of DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne benefit first and foremost from a better utilization of the machines through ThingWorx. In addition, service measures can be planned much better, so that there are no longer any unforeseeable malfunctions. Breakdowns due to technical defects or wear and tear of certain components are always particularly dramatic for any company in the manufacturing and processing industry.

Employees cannot work and customers can no longer be supplied on time. This always results in high costs and even a loss of image. By connecting from the IoT, downtime can be avoided and service work can be planned.

For DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne, the new technology also offers numerous advantages. They can learn much more about how the machines are used and identify areas where improvements can be made. As a result, the company gains important insights in order to eliminate weak points and always offer customers the best technology. DIOSNA is very happy that they have implemented ThingWorx into their business. This will keep them at the forefront of this industry in the long run.

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