disynet GmbH: USB-powered microUniDAQ devices for mobile use


diynet GmbH presents two newly developed measuring devices that are particularly well suited for mobile use. They are no larger than the palm of a hand and are powered via USB. Therefore, a smartphone or a power bank is sufficient to use these meters anywhere. This is a big advantage over many other devices of this type. The microUniDAQ devices can be used to perform various measurements in different fields.

Technical features of the microUniDAQ devices from disynet GmbH

The devices are equipped with four input channels each. These feature an enormous resolution of 24 bits. But even more impressive are the sampling rates, which are 32 KS/s or 128 KS/s, depending on the device. This is already very interesting, because it allows large amounts of data to be acquired in a short time. Since a laptop or other device is not always available for storing the measurement results during a mobile measurement, a built-in SD card is available. The data can be transferred from this card to a PC or other device at any time.

Of course, the scope of delivery also includes high-quality software. This includes the drivers for the popular DASYLab software platform, which is often used to evaluate measurement results. In addition, an API for the Python programming language is available. This is a very special advantage, because Python is perfectly suited to develop individual data determinations and to visualize data evaluations.

Possible areas of application for microUniDAQ

The manufacturer disynet GmbH confirms that up to four USB measuring devices microUniDAQ can be used simultaneously. These can easily be operated synchronously to achieve an even higher acquisition rate. Therefore, you can acquire and evaluate data from a wide variety of sensors simultaneously. Basically, all strain gauge-based sensors can be used with these devices.

These include various pressure or force sensors. But also various acceleration sensors as well as other sensors that can measure forces or velocities. Furthermore, all IEPE sensors can be used. These are mostly pulse sensors or components that can convert events into electrical pulses.

This is why disynet GmbH’s measuring devices are often used by test laboratories or institutes that need to perform various types of measurements with high precision. Since the microUniDAQs are powered via USB, measurements can also take place outside laboratories or institutes.

Devices are also interesting for industry

Manufacturers or processing plants often also rely on precise measurements. This can involve control and optimization of processes. In addition, the measuring devices are used to gain knowledge about material fatigue or wear. Therefore, they serve to improve quality. The possibilities are quite extensive. Therefore, vibrations can also be measured or modal analyses performed.

The microUniDAQ from disynet GmbH is also suitable for monitoring. To list all possible applications here would certainly go beyond the scope of this article. The manufacturer wanted to ensure that the measuring instruments are universally applicable. This has been achieved very well.

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