DOLD Mechatronik: Experiences with the IoT supplier


DOLD Mechatronik is a specialized supplier of equipment in the IoT environment and in industrial equipment in general. As an online retailer, Manuel Dold, CEO of DOLD Mechatronik, uses various sales channels.

DOLD Mechatronik: aluminum profiles, CNC technology, IoT boards

The Internet of Things is written in capital letters at DOLD Mechatronik. IoT boards with PHP on Chip and PHPoC Shields for Arduino / Genuino are on the program. But also other material for industrial equipment from aluminum profiles to CNC technology. For sales, the entrepreneur Manuel Dold uses various channels.

Channel direct selling by on-line Shop

The Mechatronik Shop ( is one of the two platforms that DOLD Mechatronik uses for sales. The store offers the complete product range. Here you can find aluminum profiles and accessories as well as suitable accessories in I-type and B-type. they are aluminum profiles for constructions in machine and plant engineering. Thus, manuel Dold has also positioned itself in other product segments as a supplier for mechanical and plant engineering. With approximately 30,000 visitors per month, the store is one of the most well-frequented stores in Germany.

Channel direct sales via ebay

Already since 2010 DOLD Mechatronik uses the platform ebay as sales channel. With more than 34,000 transactions in the 12 years of the channel’s existence, the company uses the channel very intensively. Thus 98.000 articles are offered there.

Channel direct sales via Amazon

On the platform Amazon, DOLD Mechatronik has established the dold-mechatronik showcase. More than 30,000 articles are displayed there.

Experience with DOLD Mechatronik

The trading platforms ebay and Amazon allow users to rate transactions with merchants like DOLD Mechatronik. Despite all prophecies of doom, such ratings reflect the quality of service. In this case, DOLD Mechatronik can be very satisfied, the sentiment from the recorded experiences is very good.

Experiences with DOLD Mechatronik on ebay

The user dold-mechatronikdold-mechatronik can show 34176 positive ratings on ebay. This corresponds to a ratio of 99.6% positive reviews among all reviews received. One may perceive here the experiences with DOLD Mechatronik as very positive. Exemplarily some of the experiences there and/or evaluations of users.

  • Everything in order as always with this dealer !
  • gladly again
  • As always great, gladly again.
  • Everything in the best way, thank you
  • Very fast shipping, good goods, neatly packaged – Everything is fine!
  • Goods OK delivered quickly

Experiences with DOLD Mechatronik on Amazon

The experiences of the users on Amazon are different. The rate of positive reviews is from 93% to 99%. However, the differences with the rate on ebay can be attributed to the different determination of the rates. The experience from the reviews reflects a high customer satisfaction.

  • Fits everything.
  • Top quality ! Thank you !
  • Impeccable product, better than described.
  • Everything Super !!!
  • for the second time bought the same product ….what can I say only always again

Manuel Dold: a “Maker-Center Kinzigtal”.

The managing director Manuel Dold also makes an opinion-forming appearance in public. He was interviewed in 2020 on the occasion of his company’s relocation.

Manuel Dold described his vision 2020 with “Maker-Center Kinzigtal”. He wants to promote the culture of innovation, stimulate creative exchange. This year, Manuel Dold also moved the headquarters of DOLD Mechatronik from his home town of Steinach to Haslach. At that time, DOLD-Mechatronik already had 29 employees, including part-time workers. The clientele: universities, industrial companies, craft businesses and also private individuals.

“We develop and sell everything for makers, engineers and visionaries – components and innovative systems for mechanical engineering, CNC technology, robotics and 3D printing” was how Manuel Dold described the business field of DOLD Mechatronik back then.


Dold Mechatronik GmbH
Schleifmattstraße 2
77716 Haslach
Telefon: 07832/9744670

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