Moviri and Dynatrace: Observability offer for DACH region


Dynatrace and Moviri are expanding their partnership so that together they can offer an efficient observability offering for the entire DACH region. But what exactly is behind it? Dynatrace GmbH, which describes itself as a software intelligence company, has entered into a partnership with the international software and consulting company Moviri. The goal is to offer a cloud solution for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region that is widely accepted. This should make it easier for companies to push digitization in their operations.

More about Dynatrace GmbH

Dynatrace currently offers its customers intelligent and almost automated observability in various hybrid multi-cloud environments. With the modern monitoring mechanisms, very precise conclusions can be drawn about the performance of applications or microservices. Such insights are fundamental to any business.

The actual background is that digitization is becoming stronger and faster in almost all companies in the DACH region. This can lead to problems for some companies in coping with the flood of data. It is not only important to collect as much data as possible and to be able to evaluate it. It is much more important for every company to separate data that is important for the operation from data that is not important. Therefore, the observability of Dynatrace GmbH is a great help.

Cooperation with Moviri

Moviri and Dynatrace have been working together since 2015. Four years later, since 2019 to be precise, Moviri has become an Advanced Partner at Dynatrace GmbH. This company from southern Europe was recently awarded the title of Intelligent Observability Competency Partner. This is something very special for this company, because no southern European company has received such an award before.

This is how companies benefit from the increased cooperation

The close partnership between the two companies resulted in a real boost in innovation. In the last two years, more than 15 projects from different companies have already been carried out on Dynatrace. There are good reasons for this.

The know-how of Dynatrace GmbH and the fast execution of Moviri complement each other particularly well. With the latest continuous automation based on AI and the innovative upper verbality, customers are offered precise insights into the applications they have created themselves.

Thanks to these technical possibilities, companies can integrate many other applications and services into the cloud. The close cooperation between Moviri and Dynatrace GmbH ultimately means that profitability can increase in many companies. Since the cloud services can be used more and more reliably, savings are made for every company.

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