Strengthening Lifetime Solutions: Schaeffler acquires ECO-Adapt SAS


Schaeffler has further expanded its expertise in predictive maintenance with the acquisition of ECO-Adapt SAS. The combination of ECO-Adapt products with Schaeffler’s OPTIME offering will help to minimise failures and create greater transparency. Through the share purchase agreement, Schaeffler has acquired a 100% stake in ECO-Adapt SAS and can thus further expand its range of innovative technologies and solutions for maintenance.

Acquisition of 100 percent of the shares in ECO-Adapt SAS

Schaeffler strengthens its competencies in condition monitoring and energy optimisation: acquisition of ECO-Adapt SAS. Schaeffler has announced that it has acquired ECO-Adapt SAS, a specialist in condition monitoring systems based on electrical signal analysis as well as energy optimisation systems. The acquisition expands Schaeffler’s portfolio of solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors and strengthens its expertise in condition monitoring and energy optimisation. Schaeffler is thus focusing on future-oriented technologies and further expanding its position as a leading supplier of components and systems for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Schaeffler is expanding its Lifetime Solutions portfolio by acquiring ECO-Adapt, a company specialising in digital solutions for predictive maintenance. The acquisition strengthens Schaeffler’s position in industrial maintenance and enables the company to offer its customers a more comprehensive range of services and solutions for the maintenance and repair of machinery. From heating and alignment tools to condition monitoring solutions and lubricants, Schaeffler now offers a broader range of products and services to extend the life of machines and improve their operational efficiency.

OPTIME improvements through analysis of electrical signals

Electrical signal diagnosis is a complement to the proven OPTIME condition monitoring system. The analysis of vibration and temperature data has proven to be a reliable method for predictive maintenance of industrial machinery. With the introduction of ECO-Adapt, this proven system is extended to include the analysis of electrical signals. Providing maintenance information based on electrical signals enables operators to detect and rectify potential failures of electrical components at an early stage. The integration of ECO-Adapt into the existing OPTIME condition monitoring system provides operators with a holistic, predictive maintenance system that covers both mechanical and electrical problems. This enables higher machine availability, reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs. Early detection of problems also leads to more efficient use of spare parts. Repairs are thus optimised in terms of cost and timing, enabling more sustainable operation of the machines.

ECO-Adapt from Schaeffler: Innovation for lower energy requirements

ECO-Adapt from Schaeffler is simple, effective and environmentally friendly. Monitoring and optimising energy consumption is an important part of sustainable corporate management. With the ECO-Adapt product line, Schaeffler offers a simple and effective solution for energy management. Customers can easily monitor and optimise the energy consumption of their machines and plants. The cloud-based platform provides customised analytics and dashboards to enable effective control of energy consumption. ECO-Adapt’s solution helps companies to reduce their operating costs and become more environmentally friendly at the same time.

Critical drive components: ECO-Adapt enables comprehensive condition monitoring

Condition monitoring of critical drivetrain components is a major challenge for companies as they need to ensure smooth operation of machinery and equipment. Both mechanical and electrical components must be taken into account in order to obtain a complete overview of the condition of electric motors in rotating machinery. Schaeffler has recognised this challenge and works closely with ECO-Adapt to offer scalable and holistic monitoring solutions that provide detailed insights into the condition of bearings and components of electrical drive technologies. These solutions support companies throughout the entire life cycle and help minimise unexpected downtime and associated costs. Rauli Hantikainen, Head of Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions Strategic Business Unit, emphasises that this cooperation is an important addition to Schaeffler’s comprehensive range of industrial solutions.

ECO-Adapt is an innovative company from Paris, founded in 2012, specialising in the development of solutions for the analysis and optimisation of energy consumption and predictive maintenance of rotating electrical machines. The company has set itself the goal of increasing the efficiency and availability of machines while reducing operating costs. To achieve this, ECO-Adapt relies on a combination of smart hardware components and data analytics to ensure that machines are monitored as precisely as possible. ECO-Adapt’s solutions are used by hundreds of customers from the production and maintenance departments of MRO and OEM companies as well as from the commercial property sector to optimise the operation of their machines. By identifying problems early and optimising energy consumption, ECO-Adapt customers can reduce their operating costs and ensure higher availability of their machines.

ECO-Adapt, a well-known provider of condition monitoring and industrial automation technology, has announced that Schaeffler is the ideal owner and partner to continue its successful development. Laurent Laparra, CEO of ECO-Adapt, emphasises Schaeffler’s expertise in industrial automation, which will enable the company to expand their offering and attract new customers. Furthermore, Laparra emphasises that the close cooperation between the two companies in research and development will bring innovative condition monitoring products to the market. The combination of the two companies’ strengths will enable ECO-Adapt to further expand its position as a leading provider of condition monitoring systems and optimally serve its customers.

With the aim of acquiring Eco-Adapt S.A.S., a purchase agreement was signed regulating the acquisition of 100 per cent of the company’s shares. The financial details of the transaction have not been made public by the parties involved, but the acquisition is expected in the first half of 2023. However, the closing of the acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions being met. Once these are met, the acquisition will be successfully completed and the company will continue under its new ownership.

Lifetime Solutions portfolio grows: Roadmap 2025

Schaeffler verfolgt im Rahmen seiner “Roadmap 2025” eine strategische Ausweitung seines Portfolios von Asset-Lifecycle-Produkten und -Leistungen. Das Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, seinen Kunden in der Industriesparte eine umfangreiche Palette an Produkten und Dienstleistungen anzubieten, um aktuellen Herausforderungen und Chancen erfolgreich zu begegnen. Schaeffler setzt dabei auf die Steigerung der Planungssicherheit für Anlagenbetreiber, indem ungeplante Ausfallzeiten minimiert werden. Das Unternehmen strebt auch danach, die Nutzungsdauer von Lagern und Maschinen zu erhöhen und deren Zuverlässigkeit zu maximieren. Durch diese Maßnahmen möchte Schaeffler einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Nachhaltigkeit leisten und Kunden helfen, ihre Anlagen umweltfreundlicher und effizienter zu betreiben.

Schaeffler is consistently pursuing its strategy to strengthen its Lifetime Solutions portfolio and has now acquired ECO-Adapt. The purchase follows the acquisition of BEGA International B.V. in 2021, a leading manufacturer of special tools for mounting and dismounting rolling bearings. With the purchase of ECO-Adapt, Schaeffler intends to further expand its expertise in energy efficiency and extend its range of sustainable products and services. ECO-Adapt is a company that specialises in the development of solutions to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of machinery and equipment. The acquisition of ECO-Adapt will enable Schaeffler to support its customers in making their machines and plants more sustainable and efficient, thus saving costs. The acquisition of ECO-Adapt is thus an important step in further expanding Schaeffler’s offering in the area of sustainability and environmental compatibility.

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