Stäubli Robotics showcases specialized solutions for the future of electromobility


The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo Europe, taking place from June 18th to 20th, 2024 in Stuttgart, is the perfect platform to address the new challenges in production technology and robotics brought about by the transition to electric mobility. As experts agree that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry, this trade show offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments and solutions in the field.

Stäubli Robotics showcases expertise in electric mobility solutions

Stäubli Robotics, a leading manufacturer of industrial robots, showcases its expertise in the future market of electric mobility at booth A10 in Hall 10. The company offers specially designed solutions for electric mobility with its dynamic four- and six-axis robots.

The Stäubli robots are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the electric mobility industry, including the need for cleanroom compatibility, resistance to acids, and the ability to withstand extreme moisture or dry conditions. These unique characteristics make them ideal for a wide range of applications in this field, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Stäubli Robotics showcases innovative SCARA robots for electrode stacking in battery production

Stäubli Robotics’ innovative demo cell showcases the impressive capabilities of their ultra-fast SCARA series in electrode stacking for battery production. With their precision and high dynamics, the four-axis robots of the TS2 series have already gained the trust of leading manufacturers worldwide, delivering the shortest cycle times. These Stäubli robots have also proven their worth in subsequent processes, as well as in assembly and inspection tasks.

Stäubli Robotics’ robots are not only used in battery production, but also in battery module manufacturing where they meet the highest requirements for precision and cleanroom compatibility. Their special hygiene design makes them the perfect solution for this sensitive area, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

Stäubli Robotics offers qualified and certified robots for Hyperdry environments

Stäubli Robotics offers a range of four- and six-axis robots that are specifically designed to operate in Hyperdry environments with extremely low humidity levels. With a humidity requirement of less than one percent, these robots are qualified and certified to handle the challenging task of filling battery cells in such conditions. This demonstrates Stäubli’s commitment to providing solutions that meet the unique demands of the electromobility industry.

For the assembly of electronic components such as electronic units in battery packs, controls, and AC/DC inverters, an ESD-safe environment is crucial. Stäubli offers special robots in ESD execution for this purpose, reliably preventing any uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. These robots are designed to ensure the highest level of protection against ESD, minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic components during the assembly process. With Stäubli’s ESD robots, manufacturers can confidently meet the strict requirements for ESD-safe assembly in the electrification of vehicles.

The wide range of available special editions allows the manufacturer of Stäubli robots to offer an optimal solution for almost any application in the field of electromobility. At the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo Europe in Stuttgart, the company will showcase this variety and performance.

The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo Europe in Stuttgart provides a unique opportunity for experts and enthusiasts to explore the latest developments in the field of electromobility and learn about the advantages of Stäubli’s robots. It is a must-attend event for those who want to shape the future of the automotive industry.

Overall, Stäubli Robotics offers a wide range of advantages as a competent partner for the automotive industry in the field of electromobility. From cleanroom compatibility to acid resistance and ESD execution, the company’s robots meet all requirements that arise in this forward-looking market. With their high dynamics and shortest cycle times, they also impress with their performance. The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo Europe in Stuttgart provides a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of Stäubli robots and actively shape the future of electromobility.

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