ELMO PX-Series: High-Quality Document Cameras for Professional Presentations


The ELMO PX series document cameras, including the PX-30E and PX-10E models, are known for their high-quality design and versatile applications. Designed for use in lecture halls, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and medical settings, these cameras offer a comprehensive solution. With a multitude of features, they appeal to a wide audience and impress with their elegant design.

The ELMO PX-30E: A Top-of-the-line Document Camera with 4K Quality

The PX-30E sets the bar for document cameras with its 4K camera and impressive frame rate of up to 60 frames per second. Its combination of optical, digital, and sensor zoom capabilities allows for stunning magnification of up to 288 times, capturing even the smallest details with remarkable clarity.

The PX-30E document camera from ELMO offers exceptional clarity, allowing even the smallest details to be clearly visible on the magnetic recording surface in A3 format. With multiple connectivity options such as HDMI, VGA, HDBaseT, and USB, the camera can easily output the image to various devices. Moreover, it can be controlled through a network using TCP/IP Control or RS232-C. The camera also features internal storage and USB/SD ports, enabling users to capture photos and videos.

PX-10E: Full HD resolution and intuitive touch display

The PX-10E impresses with its Full HD resolution, delivering a brilliant image at up to 60 frames per second. With its 288x magnification, it offers the same impressive level of detail as the PX-30E. The camera can be intuitively operated via its touch display or the included remote control. The image can be outputted via HDMI and VGA, while the live image can be transferred to a computer via USB 3.0. The integrated LED light in the camera arm ensures optimal illumination even in poor lighting conditions.

Enhance your visuals with ELMO’s free image editing software

ELMO offers a range of free image editing programs to enhance the use of their document cameras. The ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT) can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac operating systems, providing users with comprehensive editing tools. Alternatively, users can access the Image Mate + Cloud editing software directly through their web browser. These programs allow users to edit and optimize the photos and videos captured with ELMO document cameras, enhancing their overall presentation quality.

The ELMO PX-Series cameras offer a versatile solution for those in need of high-quality presentations and recordings. With their exceptional image quality, diverse connectivity options, and sleek design, they set new standards in professional document camera technology. Whether in lecture halls, courtrooms, conference rooms, or medical settings, the ELMO PX-Series impresses across the board. Additionally, the five-year warranty further emphasizes the cameras’ high quality and reliability.

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