Successful project: EMH metering connects more than 40 meters to gateway


EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG presented its latest metering and communication solutions at this year’s E-World in Essen, which were developed specifically for the upcoming smart meter rollout. Particularly noteworthy were the innovative smart meter gateway CASA 1.1 and a customised rollout solution for RLM customers that meets legal requirements. CASA 1.1 offers for the first time the possibility to implement the cost-efficient radio solution 1:n and thus ensure a smooth rollout.

EMH simplifies energy management with CASA 1.1 and iMsys solution for load profile customers”

A notable innovation in CASA 1.1 is the OMS compact profile for the rollout solution 1:n, which enables the legally compliant connection of several meters to one gateway via radio. CASA 1.1 can read an impressive 42 custody transfer approved meters and supports a variety of over 70 configured TAFs. In addition to this, the intelligent metering system (iMsys) for RLM applications offers another outstanding feature where EMH connects the proven LZQJ-XC load profile meter to the CASA SMGW via an LMN adapter (ZSM-XC). This solution has already been approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and is available as a legally compliant iMsys for load profile customers.

By integrating new functions into CASA 1.1, EMH metering aims to simplify the rollout process for meter operators. These functions provide the installer or gateway administrator with comprehensive feedback on the status and quality of the WAN or LMN connection, which goes beyond the requirements of the FNN. This allows faults to be detected and rectified on site during installation, avoiding additional trips to the metering point. In addition, CASA 1.1 allows a detailed check of the WAN connection status using an extended list of cellular information covering the last 48 hours. This ensures that the WAN connection is stable and reliable.

The LMN interface of CASA 1.1 allows the readout of high-resolution data in 1-second readout intervals. This data is essential for various value-added services and helps optimise services.

The eHZB e-moc is a new e-mobility meter that represents a groundbreaking innovation in the industry. This meter is compliant with calibration law and has PTB approval, which ensures the highest quality and safety standards. Electric vehicles can be charged safely and conveniently with this meter, with AC charging stations in particular benefiting from the additional features. The meter meets the current legal requirements regarding data security and load management and is based on the drafts of the AFIR regulation to make charging at public charging points more transparent throughout Europe.

At its trade fair stand, the company showed a variety of devices that are of great importance for the new start of the rollout in the energy sector. Particularly noteworthy here are the modern measuring device mMe4.0 and the household meter eHZ with plug-in technology, which enable precise recording and transmission of energy consumption data. In addition, the company presented the high-precision meter LZQJ-XC, which is equipped with an LTE modem and thus supports effective integration of large amounts of energy into the smart grid.

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