Endian 4i Edge XL: A Powerful Solution for Industrial IoT Security


The Endian 4i Edge XL IoT-Security-Gateway, showcased at SPS 2023 in Nuremberg by Endian, offers a powerful solution for securing Industrial 4.0 environments. Its combination of high computing power, energy efficiency, and IT security provides numerous benefits to companies. With optimization for Docker and Edge Computing, it is suitable for various use cases, allowing industrial enterprises to achieve maximum flexibility and security. Moreover, it meets the requirements of the NIS2 Directive and the IEC 62443 standard, ensuring a future-proof setup.

Enhanced Memory Enables Complex Data Analysis at the Source

The significantly increased memory capacity is one of the main improvements compared to the previous model. With 2GB of RAM, it enables complex analysis directly at the data source, resulting in higher processing speed and responsiveness. Additionally, the larger memory capacity saves bandwidth and reduces costs, as not every single data unit needs to be transmitted over the internet for evaluation.

The expanded 16GB onboard storage of the Endian 4i Edge XL allows companies to reliably store data through edge computing, even in remote or unstable network environments. This increased storage capacity ensures that critical data can be retained and accessed efficiently, contributing to seamless operations and decision-making processes. Furthermore, the ARM processor’s energy-efficient design optimizes power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice for organizations aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Endian 4i Edge XL is a versatile solution that supports both Edge Computing and Docker containers. This allows for rapid deployment of applications and services in diverse environments, as Docker containers are platform-independent. With this flexibility, businesses can seamlessly transition their software across different systems, reducing compatibility issues and optimizing resource allocation.

The Endian 4i Edge XL gateway offers versatile connectivity options to connect various devices, equipment, and processes. With an additional USB port and two serial ports RS232/422/485, it provides enhanced connectivity compared to its predecessor. These serial ports are especially important in the OT sector for connecting older machines and equipment to the internet. Moreover, the option for mobile connectivity via 4G or Wifi allows for the gateway’s deployment anywhere. Its compact design and the ability to mount it on a DIN-Rail make integration into existing infrastructures seamless.

The Endian 4i Edge XL is a cybersecurity solution that has been designed with the principle of Security-by-Design in mind. It offers a range of integrated security features, including VPN encryption, firewall, deep packet inspection, intrusion detection system (IDS), and intrusion prevention system (IPS). These features ensure that the connected infrastructure is protected against network attacks and enable the detection and prevention of anomalies in data traffic. The gateway can also be deployed behind an existing corporate firewall to segment networks.

The granular rights and permissions management of the Endian 4i Edge XL provides extensive management options through the Endian Switchboard. Users can define which users or user groups have access to data and assets. This feature opens up a variety of use cases, from remote maintenance of machines and equipment to monitoring machine conditions and creating a secure remote access for personnel in home offices. Additionally, these management capabilities contribute significantly to compliance, data integrity, and confidentiality.

The Switchboard is available as an on-premises solution, allowing companies to maintain full control over their data by integrating it into their own data center infrastructure. This ensures that sensitive information remains within the company’s secure environment, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

The Endian 4i Edge XL, unveiled for the first time at the SPS 2023 in Nuremberg, is a cutting-edge solution for industrial environments. With its powerful combination of computing power, energy efficiency, and robust cybersecurity features, it offers maximum flexibility and security. This innovative gateway is optimized for Docker and Edge Computing, making it suitable for various use cases. Its increased memory capacity and expanded onboard storage enable complex data analysis and reliable data storage. The integrated security functions protect against cyberattacks, while the granular rights and permissions management allows for extensive administration options.

The Endian 4i Edge XL is a powerful solution for ensuring security in Industry 4.0 environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial companies. Its combination of computing power, energy efficiency, and IT security provides maximum flexibility and safety. With its optimization for Docker and Edge Computing, it can be used in various scenarios, allowing companies to perform complex analyses and store data reliably with its increased RAM and onboard storage. The integrated security features protect against cyber attacks, while the granular rights and permissions management offers extensive administrative options. By using the Endian 4i Edge XL, companies can future-proof their operations and comply with NIS2 and IEC 62443 requirements.

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