Ensemble Cloudlet: ADVA’s local edge cloud solution


Most businesses are planning to move to the cloud so they can work regardless of location. However, some business owners fear they will no longer have complete control over operational data if they outsource it to a cloud service. Since it is also usually impossible to predict exactly where the cloud storage will be located, problems can arise in the area of the Basic Data Protection Regulation. That’s why ADVA now offers the Ensemble Cloudlet.

What is the Ensemble Cloudlet?

It is a local cloud. This can be installed and set up in any company. Of course, storage can be created in different locations. That is why this solution is called Ensemble Cloudlet. It can be a more or less large ensemble of cloud storage, depending on the size and type of sites in a company. ADVA has thus created a cloud that each company can set up for itself.

ADVA’s ensemble cloudlet offers many advantages.

The biggest advantage is that the business owner knows exactly where the storage is located. Therefore, he has the assurance that he has unrestricted access to all important data at all times. Since the data is optimally protected against access by unauthorized persons, all requirements of the DSGVO are also met. In this regard, there are no more concerns at all.

Another advantage is that ADVA’s Ensemble Cloudlet offers the same benefits as traditional cloud solutions. Every employee can access the data they need for their work from any location. It does not matter whether he is directly in the company or whether he is working in a home office. Of course, the employee can also be in another country or on a distant continent and still complete their tasks.

Since the local cloud is not accessed by as many people at the same time as a cloud operated by an external provider, data transfer is faster and, above all, more secure. As a result, Ensemble Cloudlet makes daily work much faster and more reliable.

Ensemble Outlet is suitable for a wide range of enterprises

This innovative local cloud solution is suitable for companies of all sizes. Because data transmission can take place directly in the enterprise, this cloud from ADVA is also ideal for operations that use IoT solutions and therefore rely on low latency. Transmissions can be in the form of 5 G, so large amounts of data are exchanged within a very short time.

Therefore, this solution provides a very good basis for smart manufacturing. ADVA’s Ensemble Cloudlet is a cloud that will find its way into many companies. Thanks to its customizability as well as its scalability, it is very easy to adapt to growing companies. It is a very innovative solution that offers many new possibilities.

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