Evety Drives Change: Transformation of Natural Gas Distribution Network to Hydrogen


The energy transition is in full swing, necessitating groundbreaking changes in our energy supply systems. A pivotal aspect of this transformation is the shift from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives. Within this context, consulting firm evety, in collaboration with ENERVIE Vernetzt, a subsidiary of the ENERVIE Group, is undertaking a pioneering project – the preparation for converting a natural gas distribution network to operate on hydrogen. Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits of this project.

ENERVIE Explores Potential Hydrogen Use for Household Supply

ENERVIE Vernetzt is evaluating the suitability of hydrogen for supplying private households as part of a pilot project. The project is dedicated to an in-depth investigation of the possibilities for converting a 3,060 metre long local network, which has 147 gas connections as well as a gas pressure regulating and metering system (GDRM) for reducing the pressure from 400 mbar to 50 mbar.

Pioneering for Climate Neutrality: From Natural Gas to Hydrogen-Based Network

The primary objective of this project is to pave the way for the utilization of climate-neutral gas. According to the German Gas Network Transformation Plan (GTP), by no later than 2040, the natural gas distribution networks should be capable of transporting climate-neutral gases. This necessitates a comprehensive restructuring of the existing infrastructure. The collaboration between evety and ENERVIE Vernetzt is precisely addressing this by preparing a selected section of the natural gas distribution network for operation with hydrogen.

Future-Proof Planning: Comprehensive Model for Approach

The success of this project hinges on meticulous planning. Evety has developed a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects of the transition. From identifying requirements to crafting a clear roadmap, every step is meticulously planned and executed. This model not only serves as a guide for the specific transition at ENERVIE Vernetzt but also offers other gas network operators valuable insights as they consider the transition towards hydrogen.

Technical Expertise: Assessment of Materials and Functionality

Final Variant in English: Converting a natural gas distribution network to operate with hydrogen presents the challenge of assessing the technical suitability of the existing infrastructure. Evety has successfully tackled this challenge by conducting a comprehensive evaluation, encompassing materials, functionality, and component condition. This assessment adhered to German laws and regulations governing gas and electricity supply. On-site subject matter experts validated and supplemented the evaluation to ensure the highest safety standards.

TÜV SÜD’s Seal of Approval: Testing and Validation

To ensure that the conducted assessments and plans adhere to the highest standards, the results were subjected to review by TÜV SÜD. The outcome was unequivocal: the technical safety and approach are well-suited for the conversion of the natural gas distribution network to hydrogen. This endorsement by TÜV SÜD reaffirms that the direction is correct and the vision of a hydrogen-based network is attainable.

Pathway to Success: Future Outlook with a Roadmap

The collaboration between evety and ENERVIE Vernetzt extends beyond assessment and verification. The next step involves crafting a comprehensive roadmap that charts the transition of the entire distribution network from natural gas to hydrogen. This roadmap will encompass not only technical considerations but also include a financial assessment of the conversion, thereby establishing a solid foundation for a seamless transformation.

Final Assessment: A Milestone Achieved for Energy Transition

The partnership between evety and ENERVIE Vernetzt marks a significant milestone on the path to a sustainable energy future. The preparation and conversion of a natural gas distribution network to hydrogen operation are exemplary instances of the innovation and determination required to drive the energy transition forward. With a holistic approach, technical expertise, and validation from TÜV SÜD, the foundations for a greener and more sustainable future are being laid. This project opens new perspectives for gas network operators considering similar steps towards hydrogen.

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