EXOR JSmart700M: HMI for factory, ship and building automation


Artificial machines and systems are constantly being developed. This is also the case at EXOR, where the new Human Machine Interface called EXOR JSmart700M has now been introduced.

The new interface is this: EXOR JSmart700M was introduced

The idea behind the new development is understandable: Everything revolves around the most complete possible transfer of all production and work processes to machines and systems. Nevertheless, it is currently still not possible without humans. HMI (Human Machine Interface) is supposed to be the solution and represent an interface between machines or systems and humans.

EXOR JSmart700M is supposed to deliver various operating panels, which are supposed to enable significantly more efficiency and flexibility in the company. Even the most demanding IIoT edge applications should be able to be operated with it. With the new development, EXOR wants to prove once again that it is always on the cutting edge and offers solutions that prove themselves in the everyday life of its customers.

Human Machine Interface in various areas of automation

Through the new interface, EXOR wants to achieve that diverse areas of automation are advanced. The company is talking about ship, factory and building automation. In all areas, communication between users and programs and systems, as well as with the machines used, is necessary. Automation is only possible through functioning communication. The new EXOR JSmart700M series aims to do just that and make it possible to use Human Machine Interfaces for demanding IIoT tasks.

EXOR provides two variants for its customers. On the one hand, there is EXOR JSmart700M, a robust panel that has a support arm system. The display is designed as a multi-touch display and ensures communication between machine and human at all times. The browser panel, on the other hand, is the appropriate solution for all applications in critical areas. The design of these products is rather sober to elegant, the display is very large, equipped with a robust glass front and capacitive touch screen.

Both variants are available with the in-house software JMobile or with HTML5 Web Panel. The software is intuitive to use or only needs a little instruction to use it correctly. All necessary areas are covered by the software: Process management, connectivity, data visualization and device management. The basis for all important applications in the field of Internet of Things is thus given.

If suitable connectors and other accessories are used, IP67 protection, which is in demand among users, is provided. In addition, the panels can be used via VPN remote maintenance and can be controlled with IoT gateway as well as Codesys.

About EXOR Germany GmbH

EXOR has always focused on using resources that will last. One puts the company focus on the things that will not change in the future. This is how the company has been operating for almost 50 years now, meeting the needs of its customers with new technologies that promise the desired security and performance. Through transparency and the will to build trust, EXOR succeeds time and again in turning customers into long-term regulars and retaining them for at least ten years or even longer.

In doing so, EXOR not only develops new solutions that are in demand on the market, but also handles product design and the entire product development itself. EXOR sees itself as a technology provider on whose platform all offers and services as well as products are united. Smallest modules for IoT projects are offered as well as HMI software and high-performance gateways.

Interested parties can find more information about the company and the products it offers on its website or by contacting EXOR's support team in person:

EXOR Deutschland GmbH
In the Fleute 33
42389 Wuppertal
Tel: +49 202 27911 0
Internet: www.exorint.com

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