fischertechnik presents Agile Production Simulation: Simulating Agile Manufacturing Processes


The Agile Production Simulation by fischertechnik is a cutting-edge modular factory simulation showcased at the Hannover Messe. It accurately replicates the processes involved in agile manufacturing, combining digital and tactile operations within a state-of-the-art futuristic factory. Visitors can experience firsthand the revolutionary capabilities of this simulation at the Baden-Württemberg Pavillon in Halle 15, Stand-Nummer A06.

The Future Factory: Advancing Automation, Modularity, and AI

The factory of the future is a highly debated topic in science and industry. In order to remain competitive, companies are relying on automation, modularity, artificial intelligence, and agility. To further advance these concepts, it is crucial that students, apprentices, and employees have the necessary know-how and awareness to navigate complex topics.

The “Agile Production Simulation” learning concept by fischertechnik is a compact simulation that replicates processes such as quality assurance using Artificial Intelligence and the functioning of driverless transport systems. It covers automated processes from goods receipt to production and quality control. The accompanying didactics enable students and educators to translate these simulated processes into practical skills. Additionally, the digital twin model enhances the learning experience further.

Innovative Fabrik der Zukunft: Agile Produktionssimulation mit flexiblen Modulen

The Agile Production Simulation is a modular factory that allows for flexible combinations of modules. It encompasses various stages of the production process, starting from the goods receipt and moving on to an automated high-bay warehouse, multiple production stations, and finally quality assurance. A driverless transport system with Omniwheels efficiently moves workpieces between each station, facilitating agile production processes that can be customized according to customer requirements. The transport system can be recharged at a docking station without the need for battery replacement.

The Agile Production Simulation offers the advantage of digital traceability, as each workpiece is equipped with an NFC tag that stores production data. This enables the factory to produce workpieces in various colors with different processing features. With agile production, product-specific manufacturing steps can be carried out within a lean process, eliminating the need for setup times.

The Agile Production Simulation is controlled by a central control system, the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, which is connected to the controls of the individual factory modules. Various communication protocols, such as the MQTT protocol, enable a networked collaboration of all modules.

The Agile Production Simulation incorporates a cloud-based real-time monitoring feature that provides dashboards for order control and factory state visualization. These dashboards allow for the calculation of key metrics such as throughput times and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Furthermore, the simulation includes an online shop that enables customers to place orders for workpieces. To simulate remote maintenance, a movable camera can be controlled through the dashboard, illustrating the principles of remote servicing.

The Agile Production Simulation provides an opportunity to make the complex topic of Machine Learning tangible. The Quality Control module with AI utilizes the Tensorflow AI tool to illustrate the advantages of machine learning in a production environment. This allows users to understand the practical application of machine learning in a hands-on and immersive manner.

The Digital Learning Platform accompanying the Agile Production Simulation is built upon a Digital Twin of the model, providing a didactic counterpart to the physical model factory. This advanced immersive learning environment elucidates the control, actuation, sensing, and functionality of the factory simulation.

Collaboration with Experts Creates Innovative Agile Production Simulation Solution

The Agile Production Simulation is a cutting-edge solution developed in collaboration with experts from KIT Karlsruhe, OMM Solutions GmbH, and the University of Stuttgart. This comprehensive simulation package is conveniently delivered in a practical suitcase, making it accessible to anyone looking to prepare for the factory of the future.

The Agile Production Simulation by fischertechnik offers an innovative solution to simulate processes of agile manufacturing in a compact space. Its modular design allows for flexible customization according to customer requirements, while the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enhances practical learning and understanding of complex topics. This factory simulation is a valuable addition for students, apprentices, and professionals in the industry and research sectors who want to prepare themselves for the future of manufacturing.

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