Smart Cities and the Role of Data: Thematic focus at the expert colloquium Municipal Data 2023


In the modern world, infrastructure no longer exists only in reality, but often also digitally. The object catalogue for roads and transport (OKSTRA) has proven itself as the leading data standard in road management and has been used for many years. For ten years, OKSTRA kommunal has been a special standard tailored to the needs of road management in municipalities.

Smart Cities: Technological progress for better urban development

The integration of municipal infrastructure into IT systems is indispensable to enable the operation of so-called smart cities. Smart cities aim to make cities more efficient, technologically advanced, ecological and socially inclusive. By using smart city technologies, transport planning in particular can be optimised to make more effective use of existing infrastructures.

At the “Fachkolloquium Kommunale Daten 2023”, various lectures will be offered that deal with this topic. The online event will take place again on 15 and 16 May 2023.

The event, organised by KIM Strasse and FGSV, includes presentations on various municipal topics on both days. Among others, cycling, smart city, traffic planning, climate protection and planning will be dealt with. In addition, the participants will also be informed about the current developments of the corresponding regulations.

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