New protection for your building network: DoorBird presents innovative firewall


DoorBird has launched the A1051 Internet Firewall, a groundbreaking solution for the security of door communication systems. As a pioneer in the industry, DoorBird offers with this user-friendly firewall a first-class solution to effectively protect the network of door communication systems. The A1051 sets new standards in security and is now available worldwide.

Berlin-based manufacturer Bird Home Automation presents DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall

The Berlin-based company Bird Home Automation GmbH presents the DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall, a state-of-the-art solution for improving network security in conjunction with DoorBird products. Easy to install and highly effective, this firewall provides reliable protection for indoor and outdoor networks. DoorBird thus once again underlines its position as a pioneer in smart IP video communication with innovative security solutions.

The firewall ensures reliable blocking of unauthorised network traffic without the need for complex configurations. The product is delivered pre-configured ex works and is ready for immediate use. Installation is simple and requires no prior technical knowledge. This effectively protects the network from unauthorised access at various locations such as main entrances, side entrances, underground car park entrances, floor entrances or indoor rental spaces.

The DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall is a powerful solution for securing networks in various environments, from large office complexes to single and multi-family homes. Especially installed in flats or offices with IP video indoor stations, it provides reliable protection. One potential danger is that tenants could use the network cable of the IP video indoor station without permission to surf the Internet or access other network components in the building. The DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall effectively prevents such unauthorised access and ensures the security of the network.

The practical implementation of a firewall solution with common firewall products can be expensive, complex and time-consuming, especially in terms of daily administration.

In order to meet the different requirements of networks, DoorBird Smart Home systems enable the release of third-party partners such as DoorBird Connect via a whitelist. The Internet firewall can be configured conveniently and easily from anywhere via smartphone or tablet, similar to other DoorBird products.

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