FORTEC Power expands product range with MEAN WELL Matter integration


FORTEC Power has expanded its product range by incorporating MEAN WELL products with the standardized communication interface Matter. With Matter, customers can now utilize modern Smart-Home solutions that can be deployed across different systems. This expansion allows for easier integration of products from various manufacturers, creating a common language within the network.

Industry-leading manufacturers support standardized communication interface, Matter

Matter is a standardized communication interface defined by the CSA Alliance and backed by major manufacturers such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. With this support, all software control platforms and manufacturers can collaborate, making the technology more accessible to consumers.

FORTEC Power expands smart home product range with Matter integration

FORTEC Power has been offering products for Smart Home solutions with KNX or DALI-2 interface for years. With Matter as a common standard, even more Smart Home products from different worlds like Apple, Amazon, or Google can now be used together in one network. This allows system integrators and users to easily integrate systems and use products without compatibility issues over the data bus.

MEAN WELL integrates Matter interface into LED power supplies

MEAN WELL, a renowned manufacturer of LED power supplies, has announced the integration of the Matter interface into their products. The initial offering will include LED power supplies from the XLN and XLC series, ranging from 20 to 60 W in power. These products boast a range of interesting features and variations, which will be detailed in a dedicated blog post.

The Advantages of Matter: Easy Setup, Unified Language, Local Control, Improved Connectivity, Enhanced Compatibility

Matter provides users with a range of benefits, including easy and secure setup, a unified language for all devices, cloud-independent control within the local network, improved wireless technology with Thread, and enhanced compatibility with existing smart home devices. Additionally, Matter ensures increased data security through encrypted connections.

Matter supports a wide range of devices, including lamps, switches, and thermostats

Matter, with its wide range of supported device types, revolutionizes the smart home industry by enabling seamless integration of various devices. From lamps, switches, and sockets to thermostats, blinds, and sensors, Matter brings together diverse smart home products under one unified platform. Moreover, Matter’s future integration plans include expanding its compatibility to cameras, electric vehicle charging, energy management systems, routers, and even TV devices. With Matter, users can truly experience the convenience and efficiency of a fully interconnected and interoperable smart home ecosystem.

Existing Smart-Home devices compatible with Matter, with conditions

Existing Smart-Home devices can be used with Matter, provided that the device has sufficient memory or processor power. Once the manufacturer releases a software update for Matter, the device can be integrated into the Matter network. For devices that do not communicate via Ethernet, Thread, or WiFi, Matter Bridges can be used to enable language translation.

Limitations of Matter: Supported device classes, automation, and updates

Although Matter offers many benefits, there are also some limitations. These include a limited number of supported device classes, lack of automation, and dependence on manufacturer software updates. Matter allows for setup and manual control, but not automatic or remote control outside of the home network. For comprehensive automation features, a smart home system is still required.

Improved Interoperability and Communication for Smart-Home Devices with Matter

Matter is an open standard for Smart Home devices that is supported by leading technology companies. It allows users to benefit from improved interoperability and communication between different devices and platforms. With the increasing number of Matter-compatible devices, integration becomes easier, opening up exciting possibilities for the future of Smart Home applications.

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