Reliable Leak Testing and Flow Measurement Solutions by ForTest Deutschland GmbH


ForTest Deutschland GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of leak test and flow measurement devices with over 30 years of industry experience. Their extensive range of testing equipment provides solutions for all testing requirements, whether for small or large product volumes. The leak tests are conducted at 100% at the end of the production line to ensure that no moisture or liquids can penetrate.

Wide range of pressure measurement options for precise leak detection

ForTest devices offer a wide range of pressure ranges, from -1 to 30 bar up to 400 bar, and are capable of measuring both relative pressure and dual absolute pressure. Additionally, they can detect very low leak rates of up to 10-6 mbar*l/s using hydrogen leak testers. This allows for precise and accurate testing of the tightness of large parts as well as membranes, filters, and cooling channels.

ForFlow offers a wide range of devices for flow measurement, covering a range from 5 ml/min to 500 l/min. These devices ensure complete traceability of quality control through industrial communication interfaces, enabling the transmission of measurement results as well as control and parameterization of the test equipment.

ForTest’s range of leakage testing devices and flow measurement devices are trusted by customers in various industries, including automotive, medical technology, heating and air conditioning, and electromobility, to ensure the tightness of their products in production. Each project begins with a technical clarification to select the appropriate test device configuration and ensure technical feasibility. ForTest also offers comprehensive services such as commissioning, training, and regular calibration according to Dakks standards to ensure a smooth integration of the test devices into the production process.

Overall, ForTest Deutschland GmbH offers reliable, precise, and comprehensive solutions for leakage testing and flow measurement in production. Customers can rely on their extensive experience and high-quality products to ensure the quality of their own products and reliably meet the requirements in production practice.

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