Biogenic value creation in agriculture: Fraunhofer initiative presents itself


Through digitalization, innovative technologies are being used in agriculture to ensure animal welfare and sustainable food production. Fraunhofer IGP and Fraunhofer IGD will present their latest developments at MeLa.

Research institutes offer insight into state-of-the-art agricultural technologies

The two research institutes from Rostock are represented at the agricultural exhibition for the first time and offer visitors the unique opportunity to enter a virtual cow barn and check the health of the animals with the help of VR glasses.

Fraunhofer IGD relies on data analysis and imaging techniques to optimize field tillage and animal husbandry. The results are used by Fraunhofer IGP to develop practical agricultural engineering solutions and to add technologies such as robotics, sensor technology and automation.

The Fraunhofer initiative “Biogenic Value Creation and Smart Farming” develops sustainable technologies for agriculture. By using smart farming technologies such as field robots, sensors and networked devices, processes such as animal monitoring and fruit quality determination are optimized to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly production.

One year of successful cooperation: Fraunhofer institutes focus on technology in agriculture

The research initiative “Biogenic Value Creation and Smart Farming” has already been running for a year with five participating Fraunhofer institutes, including the two in Rostock and three others in Bavaria. The institutes have focused on X-ray technology, sensor technology and food production. The project is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria.

The initiative promotes exchange and collaboration between different players in the agriculture and technology sectors.

The initiative aims to expand its network of practice partners from industry and agriculture to enable companies to put their ideas into digital practice and benefit from a holistic approach to their issues.

Fraunhofer IGP and Fraunhofer IGD present latest developments for sustainable agriculture at MeLa

Fraunhofer IGP and Fraunhofer IGD present their latest developments for sustainable and efficient agriculture at MeLa. The research initiative “Biogenic Value Creation and Smart Farming” aims to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for the agricultural industry of the future. Biodiversity, sustainability and animal welfare play a major role in this. Companies and startups have the opportunity to put their ideas into digital practice and further develop the agricultural sector.

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