Control your smart home devices with the FRITZ!App Smart Home


The FRITZ!App Smart Home serves as an intelligent control center for all smart FRITZ! devices, allowing users to conveniently and intuitively manage their homes. Whether at home or on the go, this app provides easy control over smart devices, such as quickly turning off lights in the living room, adjusting heating temperature, or checking if an E-bike is fully charged. It also offers a comprehensive overview of all intelligent FRITZ! devices and allows for the control of pre-set scenarios like “Coming Home”. Additionally, users can easily register new smart home devices directly through the app.

Easily control your home network with the MyFRITZ!App

The MyFRITZ!App is a user-friendly application that provides an easy entry point into the world of FRITZ!. With this app, users can quickly overview their home network, control internet access for individual devices (through parental controls), and access the FRITZ!Box user interface to manage all settings. Additionally, users can block unwanted callers, quickly retrieve information about their FRITZ! devices, and enable or disable call forwarding. The recent removal of the smart home section further enhances the intuitive user interface of the MyFRITZ!App, making it even more user-friendly.

With the reorganization of the functionality of the MyFRITZ!App and the FRITZ!App Smart Home, both apps now have more space to accommodate future features, resulting in an even more streamlined layout. The MyFRITZ!App provides quick access to everyday FRITZ!Box functions, while the FRITZ!App Smart Home takes control of your smart home. This update enhances user experience by optimizing the apps’ capabilities and improving ease of navigation.

The FRITZ!App Smart Home is the central app for controlling your smart FRITZ! devices and provides all the well-known smart home functions. With these apps, you have full control over your home and can control the devices according to your needs.

The FRITZ!Apps are essential for any Smart Home enthusiast, providing a user-friendly and intuitive control interface. Not only can you easily manage and control your home from anywhere with the FRITZ!App Smart Home, but you can also seamlessly integrate new Smart-Home devices. Additionally, the MyFRITZ!App serves as a gateway to the FRITZ! world, offering quick access and control over your home network.

Control your smart devices easily with FRITZ!App Smart Home

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