kasasi and GATX Rail Europe revolutionize fleet management with innovative partnership


The strategic partnership between kasasi, a medium-sized software company, and GATX Rail Europe, a leading full-service freight wagon lessor, aims to provide outstanding logistics solutions focused on efficiency, transparency, and innovation. By leveraging their expertise in data transfer and visualization for fleet management, they offer customers the opportunity to optimize and gain transparency in their logistics processes. This partnership brings additional value to the customers by enhancing their ability to streamline operations and make data-driven decisions.

GATX Rail Europe modernizes fleet with advanced telematics technology

GATX Rail Europe has recently undergone a comprehensive modernization initiative, equipping over 29,000 assets with state-of-the-art telematics technology. This advanced system includes essential features such as tracking and tracing, geofencing, alerts, and mileage monitoring. To provide customers with a complete solution, kasasi was selected as the preferred partner for visualizing and analyzing the telematics data. This partnership allows GATX Rail Europe to offer enhanced transparency and optimization capabilities to their clients.

kasasi platform optimizes fleet efficiency through intelligent visualization and monitoring

The kasasi platform offers an intelligent, manufacturer-independent solution for visualizing, monitoring, and documenting fleets and transports. It combines telematics and planning data from various sources and visualizes them on a single platform. The automated monitoring of individual wagons and entire trains helps to make transport processes transparent, avoid delivery bottlenecks, and optimize the overall efficiency of the fleet in terms of load status, mileage, and idle times.

Strategic partnership enables GATX Rail Europe to offer data-driven planning with Telematics

GATX Rail Europe has partnered with kasasi to offer its customers data-driven planning with telematics. Customers can choose from three packages for data visualization to receive customized and demand-oriented solutions for fleet monitoring and optimization. The Telematics Basic package is included in the rental agreement and is available to all GATX customers at no additional cost. This strategic collaboration allows GATX Rail Europe to provide enhanced services and improve the efficiency and transparency of its logistics processes.

kasasi Platform: Neutral and Independent Solution for Fleet Management

One particular advantage of the kasasi platform is its neutrality and independence. This means that not only GATX assets, but the entire customer fleet can be represented on the platform. With over 300 interfaces to various telematics, ERP, and transport management systems, seamless integration into existing processes is possible. Additionally, the platform provides a quick overview of telematics data such as position, loading condition, and sensors. Technical master data imported from the RSRD2 database provides precise information on empty weight, load capacity, and dimensions, greatly facilitating asset planning and disposition.

Flexible platform enables customized solutions for individual customer needs

The platform’s flexibility empowers customers to implement tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements. It is offered as a Software-as-a-Service, enabling customers to access a secure and reliable web-based platform. This eliminates the need for managing and maintaining their own IT infrastructure, reducing costs and efforts. Customers can rely on accessing the latest software version and benefit from continuous developments.

kasasi and GATX Rail Europe shape the future of logistics with innovative solutions

The partnership between kasasi and GATX Rail Europe highlights their commitment to shaping the future of logistics through innovative solutions and strong collaboration. This strategic alliance not only emphasizes kasasi’s product quality but also demonstrates their ability to fully meet the requirements of an internationally operating company like GATX Rail Europe. Customers benefit from a comprehensive solution that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, and innovation.

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