Glyn Jones: Gain from pan-European distribution agreement


Glyn Jones GmbH und Co. KG, a specialist in the distribution of electronic components, concludes a Europe-wide distribution agreement with the Swiss Miromico AG. The company is thus expanding its portfolio to include LoRa® and LoraWAN® solutions through to market-ready IoT products.

Glyn Jones: Gain from Miromico

Miromico AG is a leading and innovative Swiss company with a high-tech focus. The Zurich-based service provider specializes in the development of electronic systems, integrated circuits (IC), and products for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Its goal: to reliably elevate IoT products and projects to a level suitable for mass production.

Founded in 2011, the company now counts over 40 highly qualified engineers among its workforce. These were recruited directly from renowned universities for a high standard.

Certified gateway and sensor solutions

Miromico’s portfolio is perfectly suited for all applications using standardized protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth smart, GPS, ZigBee and LoRaWAN®. It includes developments for multi-band applications as well as all ISM bands (433 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz).

Of particular interest to Glyn Jones, the new partner offers gateway solutions for LoRa® radio applications with ranges of over 100 km (LoRaWAN and proprietary applications). For this purpose, the gateway and sensor solutions are already CE/FCC certified.

What is LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN is based on Semtech’s LoRa modulation scheme and is designed for large public networks with only one operator. It is to be understood as a Low Power Wide Area Network specification for battery-powered wireless systems within a regional, national or global network. In doing so, it targets key IoT requirements such as end-to-end encryption, service localization and mobility, and secure bidirectional communications.

The LoRaWAN specification enables seamless collaboration of different technologies and systems among smart things without the need for rigid, local installations. Users as well as developers thus get a piece of freedom on the IoT playing field.

Glyn team is delighted

Glyn’s Wireless, IoT and Microcontroller Business Unit team is already looking forward to working with the experienced service provider. “We are adding mature Lora® and LoraWAN® gateway products to our wireless offering. We can also now implement completely customized IoT complete solutions with Swiss precision,” said the staff. Jürg Siegenthaler, Glyn distribution supervisor at Miromico, also sees his choice of distributor confirmed: “We appreciate Glyn’s deep technical and project-oriented expertise. In the coming years, demand will continue to increase. With Glyn, we have gained another important partner for our network.”

This is where deployment is needed

Optimal application areas include alarm systems, medical devices, parking management systems, traffic management/traffic telematics, access control, energy data collection, industrial trucks, wireless networking of sensors, public safety vehicle solutions, fleet and transportation management, and laboratory equipment. Interested parties can obtain more in-depth information from distributor Glyn Jones upon request.

About Glyn Jones GmbH and Co KG

Founded in 1980, Glyn GmbH and Co KG specializes in the distribution of electronic components and systems. The company now employs over 180 people worldwide. The company headquarters is located in Idstein (Taunus district) near Frankfurt am Main. There is also the European central warehouse.

The company supports and offers high-quality systems and products from leading manufacturers in the fields of sensors, semiconductors, wireless, displays, memory components and media, and power electronics.

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