Granite River Labs: Approved to provide validation services for the Matter 1.0 standard


Granite River Labs (GRL) was one of the first companies approved to offer validation testing services for the new Matter 1.0 standard. The accreditation was carried out by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Matter is a new smart home standard.

Granite River Labs: Provides tests for smart home technology

GRL is a leading global provider of engineering services and test automation solutions for digital connectivity and charging technologies. The Company utilizes its laboratory facility in Taipei, Taiwan, which was recently expanded, to provide Matter’s testing services. They target IoT devices (Internet of Things) and wireless products for the new smart home technology ecosystem.

Coverage of hardware solutions

Granite River Labs Matter offerings cover hardware solutions. This includes everything from smart TVs and smart home speakers to switches and light bulbs. The software used in Matter devices can also verify GRL. Accreditation followed GRL’s recent global expansion to meet growing demand for new testing services and product evaluation.

Vamshi Kandalla, Chief Strategy Officer of Granite River Labs says, “Matter is an exciting new technology with the potential to solve a variety of interoperability and device-to-device communication problems in smart home and IoT applications.” He adds: “GRL is pleased to be recognized by the Alliance as one of the first laboratories able to test and verify products and systems to the Matter standard, and we look forward to continuing to work together to support the smooth adoption of this new technology.”

Matter 1.0 provides foundation for connected devices

The Alliance describes the new open source Matter 1.0 standard as “the foundation for connected devices”. It enables a secure, reliable and seamless connection of compatible smart home devices and systems. Matter is a unifying, IP-based connection protocol to “Matter is built on a shared belief that smart home devices should be secure, reliable and seamless to use,” says the Words from Jon Harros, director of certification and testing programs for the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

Matter promises to simplify development for manufacturers and increase compatibility for consumers. Testing and certification will play a crucial role in compliance. Through its authorization, Granite River Labs can help manufacturers ensure their products comply with Matter 1.0 specifications.

In addition, the company is able to certify the support of all embedded communication technologies. Jon Harros believes, “Companies in the industry, including leaders like GRL, bring their expertise and proven best practices to help make Matter an outstanding success for developers, retailers and consumers.”

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