Haier Deutschland GmbH: Once again global number one for large electrical appliances


Euromonitor International has chosen the global number one among the manufacturers of large electrical appliances. It is the company Haier, which can claim this place for the 14th time in a row.

One manufacturer knows how to convince

Euromonitor International, in its capacity as a market research company, has published the hit list of manufacturers of large electrical appliances. Unsurprisingly, the first place went to Haier, which holds this position for the 14th time in a row. High sales figures have meant that the ranking has remained unchanged for many years. The great trust of retailers and consumers is reflected in the steadily increasing sales figures.

The company has even made it onto the hit list for the 15th time, if only the sales figures for refrigeration appliances are taken into account. The major electrical appliance manufacturer was awarded the least frequently for its freezers; for these, it was only the 12th time in a row that Haier was at the top of the hit list and took first place.

Smart home as a declared goal

As in other areas of daily life, digitalization is to advance in the use of major electrical appliances in order to provide customers with a positive experience. The manufacturer did not become a leading brand for nothing, because it has taken into account precisely this claim: Proprietary products are developed and realized under the specification for a smart home. These products are offered worldwide and largely meet the needs of customers.

Continuous further developments are intended to ensure that customer requirements are taken into account even more effectively. The focus is on “zero distance” and on the customer. This is precisely what the Group is also pursuing with its other brands, the best-known of which are Hoover and Candy.

At the same time, intelligent production plays an important role, because only thanks to it is it possible to adapt to customer-specific wishes. Furthermore, further digitalization processes are being carried out in production and administration, so that the manufacture of large electrical appliances becomes cheaper and more custom-fit. Thus, it remains to be expected that the above-mentioned ranking will be topped in the future as well.

About Haier

The company, which is now one of the best-known brands among manufacturers of large electrical appliances in Germany, is a subsidiary of Haier Smart Home. As such, it operates in more than 160 countries around the world, where over 100,000 employees ensure that the company’s success continues. At one time, it first invested in the D-share market of the Chinese stock exchange, which is managed in Frankfurt. The shareholders always pursued the goal of making the company one of the most successful of its kind.

To date, a total of 14 research and development centers have been established all over the world, as well as numerous industrial parks on all continents. Sales of 33 billion euros have been indicated for 2021, and a slump for 2022 is not expected. The company is headquartered in Brugherio, Italy.

For those who would like more information on the products or the company, please use the following contact:

Haier Germany GmbH
Konrad-Zuse-Platz 6
81829 Munich

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