Heliot Europe: IoT cooperation with Cellnex Austria for faster digitization


Heliot Europe and Cellnex Austria have formed a strategic IoT alliance with each other. The core of the venture will be the increased expansion of Sigfox 0G technology. It is to be used to decisively advance the digitalization of the economy in Austria.

Heliot Europe: Europe’s largest 0G operator

With its Sigfox 0G networks in Austria, Lichtenstein, Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany, Heliot Europe is Europe’s largest provider of 0G. Furthermore, the company is one of the founding https://www.iot-mesh.io/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=post_tagmembers of the 0G United Nations Association, an international association of network operators, which currently has 55 members.

Sigfox 0G: global, affordable, energy-efficient

Sigfox 0G is considered the global leader in IoT connectivity. Its bidirectional communication on a global network forms what is thus the largest IoT infrastructure. The technology is distinguished by its cross-border nature, which enables customers in over 75 countries to use IoT services such as goods tracking and monitoring, as well as supply chain control, without incurring additional roaming charges.

In doing so, it offers a host of advantages over competing services such as Narrowband IoT (NBIoT). In addition to very low-cost hardware, it can also boast scalable connectivity and location options. At the same time, its optimized wireless technology allows it to operate in such an energy-efficient manner that its devices can remain maintenance-free for years. Its multifaceted security architecture makes tampering attempts difficult.

Cellnex: Eu leader in wireless telecommunications infrastructure

Cellnex Austria is a subsidiary of the Spanish conglomerate Cellnex Telecom. With 130,000 locations in twelve countries, Cellnex Telecom is Europe’s leading provider of wireless telecommunications infrastructure. Cellnex’s approximately 4,000 sites in Austria make the company one of the largest independent operators of these structures in the country.

Radio technology expansion for faster digitization

With their strategic alliance, Heliot Europe and Cellnex Austria intend to decisively expand the existing radio coverage in Austria. Following the already very successful coverage of urban areas, rural areas are now to follow. For this purpose, IoT networks will be set up at Cellnex Austria sites in a first approach. A few hundred Sigfox sites will suffice as a basis for the time being.

IoT services for more customers

From the envisaged goal of complete coverage of the country with its technology, the business cooperation expects a significant expansion of the customer base for its IoT services. The more the rollout of their wireless network progresses, the more business users will be able to take advantage of localization services, remote monitoring, level control and machine maintenance.

They can thus become part of a community of millions worldwide, improve their environmental performance, and do so at a significant reduction in the costs involved. Well-known customers such as Siemens or the Austrian Post can certainly confirm this.

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