Hikvision: More opportunities through better IoT


Hikvision forecasts an increase in IoT deployments in 2022, both in terms of customer demand and in the offerings of developers and service providers. This will be made possible primarily by the further and increased expansion of existing applications of the technology.

IoT permeates everything

More and more sectors of society are recognizing the immediate benefits of using connected technology in everyday life. Whether in the care sector, where elderly or vulnerable people can be offered fall detection services with timely requests for help. Medical facilities that benefit from improved diagnostic procedures for difficult medical conditions. Services for on-demand maintenance and optimization of industrial plants, which can relieve owners and users of time-consuming and costly routine tasks. Or all industries that want more and better monitoring mechanisms for their business environments. They all no longer want to miss the new technology, but instead demand its constant expansion and adaptation to their needs.

Security industry as IoT driver

One of the segments that is increasingly driving the development of the IoT through its demands is that of security. Improvements in the algorithms used, optimized computing power and ever cheaper chips are opening up a wide range of possibilities here. The result is applications that can deliver high-resolution and fast results even under the most adverse conditions.

IoT networking on the rise

These and other industries have recognized this and are increasingly responding to it with greater networking within and increasing openness to the outside world. For some time now, for example, we have been seeing deeper collaboration between companies in a wide range of sectors that hope to benefit from the digital transformation of their conventional products. For example, previously more proprietary providers are now increasingly having open platforms developed by third parties that offer their customers added value through algorithms developed and trained specifically for this purpose.

IoT continues to penetrate the physical space

It is also already foreseeable that such IoT applications will increasingly move into the physical space. Work structures that were previously perceived as inefficient and entrenched will be broken up, readjusted and automated by the new developments. Digitization in the public and business sectors is eloquent testimony to this. Unused data collections are now increasingly being fed into cloud solutions, which are intended to help detect unused potential. This leads to measurable optimization in public authorities, educational institutions, production environments, the energy industry, logistics and healthcare.

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