Hines and BRUNATA-METRONA set new standards in the German ESG real estate market


Hines, an internationally renowned real estate management, development and investment company, has reached an important milestone for the German real estate market: the comprehensive implementation of smart metering across its real estate portfolio. By partnering with BRUNATA-METRONA Hürth, an expert in smart energy metering and IoT solutions, Hines will implement an innovative strategy for smart data collection of energy consumption in Germany while effectively managing various energy supply media such as electricity, gas, district heating, water and district cooling.

Energy-efficient housing: Focus on benefits for tenants

With the introduction of smart metering, tenants receive a variety of benefits. By using individualised dashboards, they have a clear overview of their energy consumption and can take targeted measures to improve their carbon footprint. In addition, the platform enables benchmarking to compare the energy consumption of individual properties and thus promote long-term energy efficiency improvement and sustainability.

Hines leads the way: sustainability as a corporate priority”

By incorporating smart metering into its extensive property portfolio in Germany, Hines can accurately measure and monitor energy consumption in different building types to develop effective strategies to minimise carbon emissions by 2040 and promote a sustainable future.

IoT revolution: How BRUNATA-METRONA is changing the industry

By cooperating with Hines, BRUNATA-METRONA is setting a milestone on its way to becoming the preferred service partner for green and smart buildings. The company strives to develop solutions that enable the real estate industry to successfully manage environmental and technological change, creating sustainable and future-proof properties.

Hines is an internationally renowned company specialising in property management, development and investment. With the goal of achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2040, Hines manages high-quality assets in the residential, logistics, retail, office and mixed-use sectors.

BRUNATA-METRONA Hürth is a recognised pioneer in smart energy metering and IoT integration across Europe. Its main focus is to establish a new industry standard for the comprehensive monitoring and optimisation of energy consumption in buildings to enable a more sustainable and cost-efficient use of energy.

Services for the real estate industry to promote sustainability: advilo helps real estate companies in Munich and Münster to develop framework agreements with metering service providers to achieve their ESG targets and reduce CO2 emissions by providing advice and guidance on the way to decarbonisation.

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