Siemens Mobility upgrades Copenhagen’s S-Bahn network to highest automation level


Siemens Mobility is upgrading the Copenhagen S-Bahn network to the highest level of automation (GoA4) in order to enable driverless train operation. The contracts for the necessary signaling technology have been signed with Banedanmark (BDK) and DSB. By implementing GoA4, more trains can operate in the system, improving the passenger experience and ensuring a high level of punctuality. The contracts have a total value of approximately 270 million euros and build upon the successful project in 2011 that already modernized the Copenhagen S-Bahn network.

Increased train capacity and improved passenger experience with GoA4 implementation

The implementation of GoA4 allows the operator to increase the number of trains in the entire system, resulting in an increased capacity and the ability to transport more passengers. This leads to an improved passenger experience, with fewer overcrowded trains and shorter waiting times.

Improved punctuality and faster recovery during disruptions with GoA4 system

The GoA4 system offers the advantage of a high punctuality rate. By utilizing automated train control, delays can be minimized as train operations can be more efficiently managed. Furthermore, the system allows for faster recovery from disruptions as trains can be automatically rerouted onto alternative routes.

Copenhagen S-Bahn Network Upgraded to Ensure Future-Proof Infrastructure

The upgrade of the Copenhagen S-Bahn network to GoA4 ensures that the network is future-proof. With the implementation of automation technology, the system can adapt to future requirements and adjust traffic levels based on demand. This ensures the network remains efficient and can keep up with the growing population.

Upgrading the Copenhagen S-Bahn network to the highest level of automation (GoA4) provides numerous benefits. With increased capacity, improved passenger experience, high punctuality rate, and future-proofing of the network, the city’s public transport system is further enhanced. Siemens Mobility’s partnership with Banedanmark and DSB continues to support Copenhagen in its role as a pioneer in modern rail infrastructure.

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