iDTRONIC’s Embedded-RFID Modules: Flexibility and Reliability for Industry 4.0


iDTRONIC’s innovative Embedded-RFID modules are designed to provide numerous benefits for Industry 4.0. With their wide range of applications and high reliability, these modules have gained attention from system integrators and engineering firms worldwide. As part of their first anniversary celebration, the company has further optimized their offerings by introducing innovative interface boards, an all-in-one developer board, and IC chip customization options. These modules offer immense flexibility and reliability, making them ideal for industrial automation and tracking assets in various environments.

iDTRONIC’s UHF RFID Modules: Flexible and Reliable Solutions for Various Applications

iDTRONIC’s UHF RFID reader modules provide exceptional flexibility and reliability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used for asset tracking in industrial processes or product identification in retail stores, these modules deliver outstanding performance. With their compact design, high read rates, and powerful RF outputs, they are an ideal choice for industrial automation. Additionally, they support the EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-63) protocol tags and are compatible with 98% of UHF transponders on the market.

iDTRONIC offers versatile RFID modules with customizable IC chips

iDTRONIC offers a range of UHF modules that are available in three versions, corresponding to the IMPINJ IC-Chip (E310, E510, E710). This allows for optimal customization to suit various industrial applications. Each of the three RFID reader chips has different characteristics, which are listed in the table below. These modules provide flexibility and reliability for industries such as warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing.

iDTRONIC offers interface boards for simplified RFID module integration

To simplify the integration of RFID modules into customer devices and machinery, iDTRONIC offers interface boards with an industrial-grade design that are compatible with all embedded UHF modules. These interface boards support standard communication interfaces such as USB, USB Type-C, RS232, and TCP/IP, making the communication process with other electronic components easier. With these interface boards, users can seamlessly connect and communicate with the RFID modules, enabling efficient and effective integration into their existing systems.

iDTRONIC’s Developer Board: Enhancing Performance and Convenience for RFID Applications

The aluminum-coated developer board from iDTRONIC offers a multitude of threaded holes for securely attaching modules with screws, enhancing heat dissipation and comfort. With USB, RS232, TCP/IP, and RS485 communication interfaces, it enables easy evaluation of RF module performance and supports various operations such as GPIO, reset, and power control. When combined with UHF antennas and tags, users can maximize the potential of their RFID application, making it a comprehensive kit.

iDTRONIC’s UHF RFID Modules: Precise Performance for Demanding Industries

The UHF reading modules by iDTRONIC are designed to deliver highly precise performance, catering specifically to demanding industries such as warehousing, logistics, apparel, and production lines. With up to eight antenna ports, these modules offer flexibility and reliable operation, even in harsh environments. Compact in size, they consume minimal power while maintaining high stability. Additionally, they are resistant to electromagnetic interference and provide effective heat dissipation. Compliance with both European and US regulations ensures streamlined global operations.

The powerful UHF RFID reader modules from iDTRONIC provide exceptional flexibility and reliability for Industry 4.0. With their innovative features such as individually configurable modules, interface boards, and the ultimate test kit, they enable seamless integration and evaluation in various applications. These modules offer high precision and stability, making them the perfect solution for demanding industries and simplifying global operations.

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