iDTRONIC C9 RED devices now offer enhanced personalization and security features with Android 13 update


The latest announcement from iDTRONIC reveals that they are offering the Android 13 update, codenamed “Tiramisu,” for selected RFID devices such as the iDTRONIC C9 RED and C9 RED GUN. This update brings enhanced personalization and security features for users to benefit from. One notable feature is the ability to assign specific languages to individual apps, allowing the phone’s system to be in one language while each app is displayed in another. This feature proves especially useful for international organizations.

Enhanced Security Measures: Protection Against Unwanted Clipboard Access

In addition, the latest Android 13 update offers enhanced security features for preventing unauthorized access to the clipboard. This means that sensitive data such as email addresses or login credentials are automatically deleted after a certain period of time, ensuring the utmost security. Furthermore, apps now require explicit permission to send notifications, rather than having this permission granted by default. The update also includes an improved device sharing feature, allowing users to easily copy and paste content like URLs, images, texts, or videos between Android phones and tablets.

The iDTRONIC C9 RED series stands out primarily for its RFID capabilities. Equipped with integrated RFID reader modules, these devices support various frequencies such as LF, HF (including NFC and LEGIC), and UHF. The NFC reader is particularly suitable for point-of-sale applications in retail. In addition, the handheld scanners can read 2D QR codes and 1D barcodes on product packaging. The C9 RED GUN scanner, with its ergonomic grip, can handle scan-intensive tasks with a reading range of up to 18 meters (UHF frequency). The wireless communication options like WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS enable fast and direct transmission of captured data to the system.

The versatility of the iDTRONIC C9 RED Series makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. For instance, it simplifies asset management by enabling fast scanning of RFID tags and providing real-time updates on their location and status. Businesses can conduct RFID-based inventory counts and updates to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency in inventory management. The devices can also be used for secure access control systems that authenticate through RFID-enabled cards or badges. In the retail industry, they can track inventory, reduce stockouts, and enhance the shopping experience through quick and accurate price checks.

The iDTRONIC C9 RED series of handheld terminals stands out with its integrated IP65 standard, ensuring optimal protection against environmental factors such as dust, water, dirt, and ambient conditions. This robust and reliable all-in-one tool is designed for industrial applications, where it can withstand harsh environments and provide uninterrupted performance.

The C9 RED Handscanner series is equipped with a convenient configuration tool that supports Android Studio & Eclipse systems. This tool simplifies the integration of the scanners into existing systems by supporting the Javascript programming language. The SDK provided is compatible with both Android 10 and Android 13 operating systems, ensuring seamless functionality across different platforms.

The update to Android 13 for the iDTRONIC C9 RED series offers a wide range of enhanced features that enhance both device personalization and security. With its RFID capabilities, the devices enable a broad range of applications in areas such as asset tracking, inventory management, access control, and retail. This update provides users with improved functionality and flexibility, allowing them to streamline their operations and improve efficiency in various industries.

The rugged design and protection against environmental influences make the handheld terminals a reliable tool for industrial use. The inclusion of a configuration tool and compatibility with various operating systems further enhances the usability of the devices. Overall, the update represents a significant advancement for the iDTRONIC C9 RED series, providing users with numerous benefits.

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