IEEE++ 5G Summit: 5G campus networks come from Saxony!


The IEEE++ 5G Summit trade show hosted companies active in 5G campus networks and with Robots as a Service. Three companies in particular stood out.

The IEEE++ 5G Summit: showcasing the IoT Lab campus network.

The IoT Lab is designed to benefit from 5G and offers companies the opportunity to try out new technologies. Several companies presented their 5G campus network at the IEEE++ 5G Summit trade show, which is still considered a Germany-wide novelty. The companies can use the 5G network to try out whether their new technologies and applications can be used as desired.

The goal of finding application-oriented solutions is the focus at all times. At the same time, the European network for private 5G telecommunications is to be strengthened. The companies presenting the 5G campus networks at the IEEE++ 5G Summit are promising new data infrastructures, real-time applications and virtual maintenance, among several other opportunities that 5G will bring.

Combining robots with 5G

Thanks to Smart Systems Hub, it should be possible to connect robots to the 5G campus network, reducing the cost of implementation as well as designing more flexible processes. The robot project was realized with partners SAP and Wandelbots. Robots as a Service is set to become a whole new business model.

The companies also presented the benefits of 5G campus networks at the IEEE++ 5G Summit:

  • better radio quality
  • greater network security
  • better control over data
  • lower latency
  • more flexible service
  • greater bandwidth
  • Key companies at the IEEE++ 5G Summit

Although numerous other companies were in attendance at the IEEE++ 5G Summit, three companies stood out:

  1. Albis-Elcon System

    This premium brand belongs to United Electronic Technology, which is headquartered in Eschborn, Germany. Albis-Elcon supplies various communications service providers with the products needed for copper and fiber broadband access and handles network management. Elcon’s roots go back to its predecessor company Robotron from the GDR; Elcon has belonged to the UET group of companies since 2007, and Albis joined in 2015. Today, the company has a presence all over the world and is not unknown in Austin, Berlin, Tianjin or other technology-savvy cities. More information at:

    Albis-Elcon System Germany GmbH
    Upper main street 10
    09232 Hartmannsdorf
    Phone: +49 3722 7351 0

  2. CampusGenius

    CampusGenius implements 5G campus networks and in this context takes over the planning, the installation as well as the necessary support for the industrial companies. In doing so, the 5G network can be made available by CampusGenius particularly quickly. The GeniusEngine software, which offers a flexible management and monitoring platform, is used. In addition, a 5G software core with 5G-GeniusCore is provided. In addition to Dresden, a branch office in Berlin is also available. Who would like to know more:

    CampusGenius GmbH
    Dresden branch
    Tieckstraße 5, 01099 Dresden
    Phone: +49.351.81153-80

  3. Smart Systems Hub

    Smart Systems Hub dreams of a completely networked world and creates free space to safely use the technologies already available. In Saxony, Smart Systems Hub is now considered the first address and is booked worldwide. The company creates the conditions for the IoT in companies and is significantly involved in the digitalization of Germany. Who would like to know more:

    Smart Systems Hub
    Antonstrasse 25
    01097 Dresden
    Tel: +49 351 41 89 59 21

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